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If you are interested in finding lots of great information on alternative energy options, inventions, and products click the following link:

There is an Energy Conference set for next weekend, and the magazine will be updated regularly with the new information presented at the Conference, so check back often! The new information will be added as it becomes available. Meanwhile, there are a lot of great articles and products already available for you at the above link.

There is a lot of information available regarding smart meters- and why we need to stick with the analog meters- available at http://stopsmartmeters,org and at

These sites have great information on the dangers, the health effects, and whether or not they actually save you money- or whether the plan is to ultimately control your energy usage by instituting quotas. These smart meters enable your utility companies to shut off your service remotely (without your consent or without warning).

Many places have already outlawed the installation the these smart meters, as they do not actually even meet FCC standards (See Cindy Sage’s report here: Cindy Sage Says Smart Meters are Not Meeting FCC Standards | Stop Smart Meters Irvine ). The have been known to cause fires, and the adverse health effects are numerous and have been well documented by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (see report here: American Academy of Environmental Medicine calls for a halt to wireless smart meters – EMF Safety Network ).

It is time for us to become self reliant. Self-reliance is the only way we will preserve our freedom.

Please check out the information available at the above links. It is time for us to take control of our lives.


There are three elements that must be present in order to prevent the international bankers from getting what they want. In order to defeat what is going on, a nation must:

1) A nation MUST manufacture their own ‘currency’- and that includes physical and financial ‘money’.

This can be done by utilizing a country’s assets, like technical assets, along with having a population that is willing and able to work hard.

Technical capacity + work from it’s citizens

2) Nationalism- pride in one’s country. Patriotism.

Confidence in one’s nation’s product and the capability of it’s people

3) Religion (see below)

A common belief in a Creator
These three things alone prevent the international cartels/bankers from executing their plan. In case you haven’t noticed, it is these three things that have been under constant attack. As long as those three things stand, there is no way that they can complete their plan.

Religion has been particularly attacked. The huge push for atheism has been unprecedented. Even IF it was ever ‘proved’ that there was no ‘God’, that does NOT mean there was no Creator. The goal of these controllers is to have us deny ‘God’, and adopt what they will later replace that with- which will be an entity of their choosing. People have a desire to believe in something, and you can bet this will not be overlooked.

So even if your inclination is to steer clear of organized religion, it is important to realize something created this incredible home we inhabit. Believing in a Creator does not necessarily mean that we need to attach human-like qualities to whatever created all this. Just having the belief that there is a creator is enough.

Keeping pride in oneself, one’s community, and one’s country is just as critical when opposing forces that wish to homogenize every nation. Each nation is unique, and each has specific qualities that endear us to them. It is important to maintain this patriotism because as long as we maintain our national pride, it makes it harder for them to convince us that giving up those attachments is worthwhile. Why would we all want to be the same? Variety of products and cultures is what makes each country interesting and vibrant. Our individual uniqueness is what makes us special.

Each country has it’s own assets and each country is comprised of people who have, for the most part, worked their tush off. When this combination is used as a method of ‘commerce’, a country remains strong. Make no mistake- it is easy to fall into the trap of ‘freebies’ when the chips are down. This is exactly what the international bankers hope your choice will be. “Come get the free corn!” SLAM!! You are now caged, and whether you get fed or not is no longer your decision. Therefore, it is much easier to invest in yourself, create a business/product/service that services a need, and you are from ever getting trapped by the ‘free’ corn. We have at our disposal a multitude of assets- especially our skills at innovations. There is no excuse for being tempted by the free corn. It is a known trap. We must avoid it at all costs.

It is also important- CRITICALLY important- that we become the masters of our own ‘money’. This can be easily done by each State creating it’s own money, and through the bartering of goods and services. If we are no longer using the international bankers fiat money/loans, we are free of their tentacles. As States, united in a Republic, we have the option of creating our own ‘currency’, and there is nothing that the Federal Reserve, nor the government on a federal level can do about it. We can always make each States currency accepted with each other State, and we can refuse to accept any fiat money issued from the Federal Reserve Bank.

This can all be done without the use of arms, and it assures that these controllers cannot realize their dream of global control. WE can be the cog in the wheel of their plan, and still carry on our business without endangering ourselves.

Again, the three critical points necessary to stop their mad plan are:

1) Manufacture our own currency. This can be a system of technical assets/capacity + the hard work of the citizenry. It does not have to be in the form we’ve been using. It can be a reliance on our assets + our labor.

2) Nationalism/ patriotism Pride in our nation and the abilities/products of it’s people

3) Religion- belief in a creator. Religion does not have to be organized nor orthodox- as long as there is a belief in something greater than oneself a creator.
With these three critical factors, we can avoid being played. We can avoid having those who wish to control corral us into their homogenized fold, which is designed to feed off of us while being a serious detriment to us.

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