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This article explains why whites need to have more babies…at home.

ADL President Abraham Foxman: speech about destruction of white race and ZioNazi world domination

Per ‘The National Observer’ via a document from Abe Foxman’s [Jew A.D.L. president of USA] office.

Anti-Defamation League President Abraham Foxman in an appearance on August 25, 1998, made the following speech:

August 25, 1998, New York, NY.

ADL (Anti-Defamation League) president Abraham Foxman shows the Masonic sign of aggression "lion's paw"

[ADL (Anti-Defamation League) president Abraham Foxman shows the Masonic sign of aggression “lion’s paw”]

Gentlemen. Welcome to the Second Centennial Meeting of the Learned of Elders of Zion. We have achieved all of the objectives expressed at our first meeting 100 years ago.

We control governments. We have created dissension among our enemies and made them kill each other. We have effectively silenced criticism of our affairs and we are the richest race of men on this earth.

Many of you are very busy men. Let us get to the crux of the matter. As masters of business, politics, law and most importantly … media, we are ready to implement our most important and ambitious program. One that will finally and totally remove from existence the impediments of our absolute control of this earth.

I speak OF THE DEATH OF THE WHITE RACE. The complete removal of all means of reproduction of the so-called Aryan race. Men, we now control the destiny of this race. It is now time to make sure the White race becomes extinct through miscegenation [incest] and having a virtually zero birth rate.

We have all enjoyed the vision repeated all over this world every day of THE LAST WHITE CHILDREN playing with little dark children and knowing that they are being set-up for their eventual destruction.

We can ruin THE ANCIENT PURE BLOODLINE OF AN ARYAN CHILD by convincing him or her of the altruism of begetting interracial children.

We must expose the race mixing of the urban centers to the suburbs and rural areas of this country.

More aggressive programs to integrate these areas are now underway through HUD. It is worth any price to annihilate the next generation of White children. We want every White father to feel the sting of having their children marry colored mates and produce biracial children.

We must use our power to discourage White men and women who still persist in getting together from producing more pure White children. They will be ostracized by not becoming part of the New Society of all races.

This will dissuade most of them. We will deal with the less cooperative goyim [non-jews] by tmurder and imprisonment.

Finally, we will SEE THE END OF THIS WHITE RACE. Impressionable White children will have their minds molded into the agents of their own destruction. Already, our efforts have succeeded in making the “men” of this race grovel at our feet.

Men, you and your ancestors have worked hard to make sure we would have the power to hold the destiny of this race in our hands. Now we have it.

Perish Aryan Goyim (cattle)!” [Applause]

End of speech.

August 25, 1998, New York.


Also: (in Russian)
(Newspaper “Slavyanin” [Славянин], № 5 (25), 2000)

Received this:

Election fraud: beware of early network projections next Tuesday
By Jon Rappoport
Bev Harris’ revelations about election fraud are exploding across the Web. At, she has exposed GEMS, a vote-tabulating system used in 25% of the US vote. Intentional back doors are installed in GEMS, allowing manipulation on a massive scale.
But keep in mind that major news networks always make their projections of the winners on election night. This is another vector for gross fraud. The projections are estimates. But once they are announced, the game is over in most cases. In other words, declaring the winner is a media event, owned and operated by the networks.
How are these projections put together?
Here is a compilation, slightly revised, of the most-read articles I’ve ever written. They were about the California vote on Prop 37, which tried and failed to mandate GMO labeling on food. The articles explain a great deal about early projections:
November 8, 2012: “Did Prop 37 Really Lose Or Was It Vote Fraud?”
Hold your horses.
On election night, not long after the polls closed in California, the media announcement came: Prop 37 was losing. A little while later, it was all over. Projection: 37 had gone down to defeat.
But is that the whole story? No.
As of 2:30PM today, Thursday, November 8th, two days after the election, many votes in California remain uncounted.
I tried to find out how many.
It turns out that the Secretary of State of CA, responsible for elections in the state, doesn’t know.
I was told all counties in California have been asked, not ordered, to report in with those figures. It’s voluntary.
So I picked out a few of the biggest counties and called their voter registrar offices. Here are the boggling results:
Santa Clara County: 180,000 votes remain uncounted.
Orange County: 241,336 votes remain uncounted.
San Diego County: 475,000 votes remain uncounted.
LA County: 782,658 votes remain uncounted.
In just those four counties, 1.6 million votes remain uncounted.
The California Secretary of State’s website indicates that Prop 37 is behind by 559,776 votes.
So in the four counties I looked into, there are roughly three times as many uncounted votes as the margin of Prop 37’s defeat.
And as I say, I checked the numbers in only four counties. There are 54 other counties in the state. Who knows how many votes they still need to process?
So why is anyone saying Prop 37 lost?
People will respond, “Well, it’s all about projections. There are experts. They know what they’re doing. They made a prediction…”
Really? Who are those experts?
For big elections, the television networks often rely on a consortium called the National Election Pool (NEP). NEP does projections and predictions. Did NEP make the premature call on Prop 37?
NEP makes some calls for the television networks, but NEP is composed of CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, and AP. It could hardly be called an independent source of information for those networks.
NEP has AP (Associated Press) do the actual vote tabulating, and NEP also contracts work out to Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International to do exit polls and projections based on those polls.
Edison Media Research did the exit polls in the state of Washington for this Election Day. How? They surveyed 1493 people by phone. Based on that, I assume they made all the projections for elections in that state, even though there is no in-person voting in Washington, and voters can submit their ballots by mail, postmarked no later than Election Tuesday. So how could Edison know anything worth knowing or projecting about mail-in ballots on election night?
Both Edison Research and Mitofsky were involved in the 2004 election scandal (Kerry-Bush), in which their exit polls confounded network news anchors, because the poll results were so far off from the incoming vote-counts. Edison/Mitofsky are favorite go-to people at CNN.
So if NEP did the premature Prop 37 projections that handed Prop 37 a resounding loss, there is little reason to accept their word.
We’re faced with a scandal here. An early unwarranted projection against Prop 37 was made, when so many votes were still uncounted.
Those votes are still uncounted.
Why should we believe anything that comes next?
-end article-
Then, a month later, on December 10, 2012, I wrote this:
Food Democracy Now is weighing in on Prop 37 vote fraud, having discovered that the California Secretary of State, in charge of all elections in CA, has stopped posting updates on the ongoing vote count.
From November 6 all the way to up to December 4, these updates were posted daily on the Secretary of State’s website. Then…blackout. No more updates.
Maybe it has something to do with this: On December 4, YES ON 37 votes climbed over the six-million mark: 6,004,628. Food Democracy Now reported it. Then, suddenly, the YES ON 37 votes reversed!
That’s right. They went back to the previously reported number: 5,986,652.
This is apparently a new wrinkle in vote counting. You can not only add votes, you can go backwards. You can lose 18,000 votes with the flick of a wrist or the blink of a digital operation.
Now you see 18,000 Yes votes, now you don’t.
The latest Food Democracy Now article on vote fraud mentions a team of independent statisticians, who have found “statistical anomalies” in the largest voting precincts of nine CA counties, including LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Alameda, and Orange.
Also worth noting: I previously wrote about the Secretary of State’s “top-to-bottom” review (2007) of all electronic voting systems then in use in CA. This review discovered fatal flaws in all four systems…but then three of those systems were re-approved for use, after being disqualified. I see no clear evidence that the flaws were fixed.
The top-down review mentioned that Alameda County (one of the counties the team of statisticians is now studying for fraud) had purchased voting machines that turned out to be counterfeits. They had been advertised as legitimate, but they weren’t.
I’m told the Yes on 37 campaign is alert to Food Democracy Now’s charges of fraud, and they are considering a petition for a recount. We’ll see.
Of course, no recount will expose electronic fraud unless very talented experts can examine the full range of electronic systems now in use in CA.
-end of December 2012 article-
Finally, late in 2012, I wrote this:
I tracked the early media projection against Prop 37, on election night, to its most probable source, the Associated Press (AP).
AP, the giant wire service, is officially a non-profit owned by 1400 member newspapers, who use its services and also contribute articles. So AP is major media personified. Again, hardly a trusted source.
And as everyone knows, the newspaper business in America is dying. Its bottom line is sitting in a lake of red ink, and the lake is sitting in an ocean of red ink.
That means these newspapers, and the corporations who own them, have been re-financing their very existence with loans, and loans to pay off earlier loans. That means banks.
Now you’re getting into the oligarchy that owns this country, and what that oligarchy wants; what they want to win, and who they want to win…
—–end of Prop 37 articles—–
Back to the present, 2016. You see how this works. Media organizations are relying on other media organizations, to which they’re intimately connected, to make the early projections on election night. It’s all a shell game, created to give the impression that “independent organizations” are “objectively” analyzing the early vote returns and coming up with “scientific projections.”
One media hand is washing the other media hand, and both hands belong to the same body.
Don’t accept projections.
You can find this article and more at

Received this:


1. Green Party Candidate Jill Stein & her selected VP, one Ajamu Baraka.
For Voters who choose abject socialism -with government laws dictating public projects, work and cultural controls, and everything termed, “environmental ” – the Green Party is for you.
Between August 4-7 , 2016 the Green Party convention at University of Houston nominated Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka as their respective presidential and vice presidential nominees. Stein’s anti-capitalist “ecological socialism ” is endorsed by the International Socialist Organization, a Marxist -Leninist-Trotskyite organization that publishes the Socialist Worker. Dr.Jill Stein is a Physician and graduated from Harvard College in 1973 & Harvard Medical School in 1979. She endorses the Black Lives Matter movement. She selected, and the Greens nominated, radical Black Nationalist Ajamu Baraka as the Green Party vice-presidential nominee.

2. Ajamu Baraka also born in Chicago like Stein, his roots are traced to his early involvement with the Black Liberation movement, which was a militant Marxist- Leninist movement advocating for “self determination” of African-Americans in the United States and the overthrow of capitalism. During the 1960’s , 70’s and 80’s, Baraka supported the anti-apartheid movement that resulted in the joint
African Congress and South African Communist Party takeover of South Africa. He was also supportive and an active participant in the
Central American solidarity struggles that supported many of the Marxist-Leninist regimes, such as, Daniel Ortega’s Soviet & Cuban backed Sandinista government in Nicaragua. Baraka is currently an associate fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) a Marxist think tank in Washington ,D.C.

3. Libertarian Party candidates former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and VP candidate William Weld, a former Massachusetts Governor are shown as follows. From the beginning as Governor Johnson pursed policies that made Republicans as uncomfortable as Democrats. He remains opposed to the War on Drugs, and he worked overtime to legalize marijuana and to decriminalize other drugs. He vetoed 750 Bills during his two terms as Governor – more than all of New Mexico’s previous Governors combined. He cut government spending, a gas tax cut, and fired 1,200 state employees. He increased state spending on roads and education.

4. William Weld’s famous last words were ,”I’m an internationalist.” So we know he is for dumping our Constitution and bringing the USA under World Government so we can be driven like peasants by appointed people from Brussels Belgium. Weld’s liberal views endeared him to the voting public in Massachusetts. Weld has supported legalization of marijuana, same sex marriage, abortion rights, and a wide range of gun control measures. He is a member of the Council on  Foreign Relations one of three organizations trying to get rid of our Constitution and bring us under World Government by taking away American sovereignty.

5 Darrel Castle is the Constitution Party Candidate. Never heard of HIM, right ? The Media omit anything they do not want you to know so they can shape your opinion and votes to their liking . A Tennessee Lawyer, Castle enrolled in ROTC and got a commission as a Marine Lt.  He served 13 months in the Far East including Vietnam. This man wants the Constitution followed and points to only Congress having the legal right to declare War.

His VP selection is Scott Bradley, who has several careers and is a well known patriot in Utah. An executive at AT&T, he is dedicated to Constitutional principles. The Castle-Bradley platform is a 5 point one. Adherence to the Constitution, withdrawal from the United Nations, ending the Federal Reserve, rejecting the radical environmental program as stated in Agenda 21 ( a UN program,), and maintaining the Constitution Party’s pro-lif stance. Castle and Bradley believe the United Nations and its founding principles are incompatible with those of the United States.

Don’t forget, Alger Hiss, a Boston Lawyer and Soviet Mole in the
Department of State from 1935 forward. He wrote most of the UN Charter himself. He went to Prison as a Spy and lied on his deathbed about being a Soviet Spy. But he was outed by Elizabeth Bentley and the Venona Files.

Source: TNA

False hope…Again

Until recently, it was thought that Trump might actually be for the American people. Like most wealthy people, it seemed as if there must be some tie with the International Bankers, however, finding out the details has been a bit of a challenge. The International Bankers are quite good at burying trails whenever necessary.

What the People hoped would be someone who might actually expel the Federal Reserve and the U. N. from U. S. soil is now looking like that will not happen. As it turns out, Trump has an obvious tie to the Rothschild/Rockefeller dynasty that dates back to his rise and prominence.

You can find the article here:

Les intérêts Rothschild derrière Donald Trump

Even though he cut his tie with the RI when the bankruptcy scenario happened, that does not mean that these unscrupulous characters still cannot make or break a man in his position. There is no way that The Donald will go up against them. He has too much at stake to cross them. Trump has already mentioned that they are not very nice people.

The election, just like all the others for a very, very long time, is rigged. The winner was chosen before it ever began, and make no mistake, this pattern has adversely affected this nation for far too long. The media has fed us another series of Red Herrings, attempting to divert our attention away from the fact that, yes, this election too, was rigged from the gate. We’re being offered nothing but false hope- again.
When FOX news ‘inadvertently’ let fly election results in N.H. before the voting had actually happened threw up a huge red flag, once again confirming the corruption of American elections. Clearly, even if a man finances his own campaign, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t owe certain parties favors.

So here we are at the crossroads. Do we allow this to happen again? Or do we stand for our Constitution, arrest these criminals, and re-examine how to clear up all the forked-tongue legislative actions that have rendered our Law of the Land practically moot? Do we really need to take on this corruption and make the needed changes so that it is no longer possible for this debacle to ever happen again? Most assuredly, yes- and it IS OUR responsibility and duty to do so.

Can this be handled in a way that is not reminiscent of Russia in 1917? Yes. It involves getting a tad bit more organized than we are at present. Think. Our forefathers were able to do so by setting up means of communicating with each other, and carrying out what needed to be done, albeit a bit more radically than what most of us would prefer. IS there another way to accomplish the same without bloodshed? Yes. Think really hard.

THINK. Really, REALLY hard. If it was needed to round up offenders without them suspecting that that was what you were doing, how would it be accomplished?
One has to be smarter than what they are working with….

There is no doubt that the People who are aware of the mess can come up with a peaceful and effective means for cleaning house. Bear in mind that the country still needs leadership on every level, so start figuring out which ‘common joes/jills’ are appropriate to carry on in the needed capacities, and make sure they are thoroughly, thoroughly vetted.

There is not one single candidate that doesn’t have dirt sullying their prospective goals for America at the moment. Very unfortunate situation.                                           Not one we can’t handle, however.
If we do nothing- except vote- we will get exactly what the international bankers want- and much sooner than we think. Here’s the choices: Fascism, Communism, or Socialism- all of which lead to the same tragic end- a country, once free, falls under a dictatorship in short order. Read your history of the events that took place all over the world. Find old and/or foreign news sources, and you will see the pattern. You will see that that is where we are headed…and we are headed there on the Fast-Track.

These power players have had a goal of running the entire world for a very long time. They are skilled at creating crisis situations, and then offering up solutions.  But the solutions are never for our true benefit. They have managed for centuries to make sure that they benefit, and profit, from their psuedo-solutions. Let us prevent that from happening, and make sure it can never happen again. We can outlaw what they do to prevent any further damage.

We have but one choice. We cannot sustain another False Hope election. We must oust these perpetrators, and we must thoroughly vet any and all who replace them. We must be courageous and act with diligence. We cannot say, “Well, I’m too old to do battle”, “I’m going to leave that to the next generation”. We cannot wait for their own arrogance to implode upon them and what they are doing.

We are all in this together, like it or not. If you value freedom, and value having rights, it is time to deal with this. We must rely on each other to do the right thing. How long are going to be laughed at by these want-to-be dictators?

Trump appeared to be a hope for people- but the truth is- he was bought and sold years ago. Only WE can save us from the destructive forces surrounding us.
There is NO ONE – NO ONE who is going to revive this country if WE do not do it ourselves.

WE are the Republic of the unites States of America. Let us do our duty and protect ourselves forever from the creeping leaches who would see us undone. Let us stand together and do what we need to do.

Many of us have fallen prey to manipulation of our emotions by those who wish to gain control over our lives. But, have you ever noticed the similarities between the behavior of abusive people and the patterns presented by the media?

First they get your attention, either by charm or alarm. Then, they pick times when you want harmony and peace- particularly any holidays- to be totally disruptive and stressful. After thoroughly exhausting you, they then act as if nothing had happened whatsoever. And they are always critical of you, as if you are the crazy one.

The main thing that these two invading factions have in common is the desire to manipulate your emotional state, ultimately controlling your behavior. They study what triggers certain responses, and play those buttons with incredible deftness- all the while claiming that they are there to assist you.

Another tactic used by them is to keep you isolated from either your own network of friends and family, or from any alternative source that may present any possible truth. They only want you to see what they want you to see. All else is gradually cut off until they have your full attention. They are so good at this scheme that they are able to get you to defend what they do.

The name of the game is control. It is the behavior of psychopaths. They will continue their game until you are totally destroyed, or at least, gravely affected. Why do they do it? They do it because, in their view, it empowers them. When they are finished, they go on to their next ‘victim’.

You might ask how the media goes from victim to victim. Once people started reading other people’s perspectives on the internet years ago, instead of just relying on TV, magazines and newspapers, people started to realize that many other people felt the same way about things, and realized that what the media was presenting was not necessarily what was actually going on. People started to see that they had been lead to believe things that just were not factual. So, the people who run the media started to embed subliminal messaging into various forms of media- videos, musical formats, etc. They had already started slanting information in children’s textbooks many years ago, so the leap to other formats was not so very difficult. They also coordinated ‘news’ from other countries in an attempt to dupe huge masses of people.

Unfortunately for them, many people everywhere began to realize that they were being manipulated. Those who realized this began to let others know, and started forming their own methods of spreading truth and reason. What has happened since is rather interesting. They have come out with technological devices that ‘read’ your emotions. Supposedly, these devices are “designed to help you”…while actually giving them more data to utilize in order to further manipulate you. They do not give up easily. To them, controlling others is paramount.

These ‘technological advances’ are no different than the abusive boyfriend who gives you ‘gifts’, sometimes even as an alleged, albeit unstated, apology. They use your responses to further manipulate you. A similar means the news media utilizes is ‘trivial’ news – to ‘make up’ for traumatizing you. These are methods these abusers employ to calm you down after stressing you out. It is designed to suck you back in, so they can continue using these debilitating patterns on you. Every round of these patterns further weakens you.

However, if you maintain any strength throughout these plays on your emotional state, it thoroughly frustrates them. They tend to get more intense than usual whenever you show signs of strength and independence. They simply cannot handle it if you do not get entrapped by their schemes. If you show any sign of independence, then they bring a crisis to your doorstep as soon as possible.

These patterns go on and on, season after season, year after year, until we are so totally fed up with the behavior that we either cut all ties with them, or we end up totally and forever numbed, lost, trapped, resigned. This is exactly the state of mind they are hoping you will end up in, leaving them in total control of your emotions.

The only way out is to cut off all ties. You cannot change them. However, you can change what and who you let into your life. You won’t be missing out on any news- others will always tell you ‘what is going on’, even if you don’t want to know.

The similarities of behavior between the media and the behavior of abusive people can entrap you. Their goal is to control your emotional state. Ridding yourself of these psychopathic invaders will give you the peaceful, calm environment necessary to discern what is best for you, what to believe, and also enable you to decide on, and live, the kind of life you really want to be living.

It is extremely detrimental to us all to have this ‘purging of our military’ happening. It is happening at an unprecedented rate.

Clearly the communistic goals have been seeping in at an alarming rate
(see previous post ‘Scammed AGAIN’ and ‘NYC-headed to a war zone?’)

It is understandable that many think that it may well lead to the country revolting- but that is EXACTLY what the Communist Party wants us to do. They tell those who ‘accept’ the Party that violence is the ONLY way that they will achieve the ‘change’ they want(OWG).

Obviously, we must re-build America by the same methods the Party have
snuck in on us all in order to destroy America (and other nations, as well), and AVOID the violence!

Otherwise, the FEMA camps and UN takeover/communist takeover WILL get their way.

Use their very same strategy to reverse what has been going on – then we can get our strength back and send them packing. All of the following can be done in a minimal amount of time:

1) Re-educate the public
2) let them know we aren’t intimated by them and WOULD use atomic/nuclear military effort to sustain the US
3) ARM the people and teach them to use those arms effectively
4) stop all trade with communist countries
5) call all the loans in to any communist and any communist-sympathizer country
6) stop any and all aid to communist countries
7) leave the UN and get the UN removed from US soil
8) end arms negotiations
9) pass strong laws forbidding the communist agenda propaganda in this country (outlawing it permanently with heavy punishment levied)
10) close all military and patent information to them
11) do away with political parties (with a NO CONFIDENCE vote) and just have individuals running for office, and dis-allow any $ backing (allow only unbiased, uncontrolled media spewing what the runners are about as a public service)
12) get law of the land to stand above any tweaking of laws that has been used (the Party has been claiming it was a civil rights violation)
13) promote homeschooling and private education, and
14) outlaw any communist agenda propaganda in public schools/student newspapers,etc.
15) institute severe punishment for communist incited/supported riots
16) shut down all newspapers, media, motion pictures that adhere to communist agenda and promote small independent locally-owned media to replace it
17) tear down ugly art(replacing it with beautiful art)
18) remove all communists from controlling offices in all sectors
19) promote healthy and morally sound lifestyles and values (and punish deviant behavior)
20) support wholesome religion choice
21) definitely support the ideals of our Founding Fathers and the Constitution
22) make the real history of our nation a requirement in education
23) support individual nations inherent cultures (Stop pushing multi-culturalism and homogenization of peoples)
24) show the dangers of socialism and communism and promote individual strength
25) Cut all ties with the Rothschilds and their ilk, and send them packing
26) institute our own currency backed by something better than air
27) close the Federal Reserve Bank, audit them, give the money back to the people, and kick the FRB, IMF, etc. out of the country
28) close the borders and kick out all illegals after fining them for
breaking our laws
29) expose ‘American Corporations’ owned by foreigners, and
force them out
30) re-instate all military officers that have been ‘dismissed’ because of political agenda
31) re-build our military strength and arsenals. and build new and strong ships and other needed equipment and weaponry
32) replace all communist controlled offices within our government, our museums, our ‘social services’, industries, and unions, etc.
33) eliminate socialist programs
34) remove psychology and their psuedo ‘professionals’ and send them packing
35) re-vamp the EPA, FDA, etc- repeal Codex, assuring all products will do no harm
36) promote family, self-reliance, small business, small farming, individual and state’s rights

Other countries would follow suit once we’ve acted. Oh, and disarm them-
even if we have to blow them sky-high to accomplish that.

We do NOT have to engage in a ‘violent’ revolution to accomplish this- we can do it
as stealthily as they have- THAT would really get to them, to NOT fall into
their trap.
They want nothing more than to engage us in a war amongst ourselves.

We can do this most effectively by re-instituting our values and forbidding theirs, clean house, so to speak, and once they are out, blow their ‘military might’ to kingdom come.
Strict border control afterwards, with thorough background checks done by those
who value America for it’s Liberty.

They are too well positioned to fight in a revolution, as they have
been infiltrating and stashing weapons for many years.

Remember how and why communism introduced and what results these controllers had in mind by doing so. (see links on earlier post entitled ‘NYC- heading to a war zone?’)

We must just take over from the inside out- just like they did. Non-violently.

Received this this morning from a person who is a Republican voter. Perhaps we DO have a chance to re-claim our Liberty and Rights…it seems pretty ‘spot on’. Here’s the email:

“I never looked at Donald Trump the way he is scoped out here and this makes a lot of sense. Trump is his own man and is not beholden to any political party , other governments ,and damned certainly he cannot be bought like many of the prostitutes we call politicians . That’s why the “triumvirate” described here must do their best to stop him.

Will you ever hear any politicians running for office say what Trump does ? …………They haven’t got the gonads to.”

Subject: Fwd: They Must Stop Trump
“Lots of truth in this article.”

“Why the Democrats Will Do and Say Anything To Stop Donald Trump
Jul. 6, 2015 9:17am
Written by Wayne Root

Wayne is the author of the newly released national bestseller: “The Murder of the Middle Class”. Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, successful entrepreneur, small business defender, business speaker, Capital Evangelist, and media personality- appearing on over 5000 interviews in the past 5 years. Wayne’s web site:

Someone is getting very nervous. President Barack Obama; Valerie Jarrett; Eric Holder; Hillary Clinton; Jon Corzine … to name just a few. And I know why. I wrote a book entitled “The Murder of the Middle Class” about the unholy conspiracy between big government, big business and big media. They all benefit by the billions from this partnership and it’s in all of their interests to protect one another. It’s one for all, and all for one.

It’s a heck of a filthy relationship that makes everyone filthy rich. Everyone except the American people. We get ripped off. We’re the patsies. But for once, the powerful socialist cabal and the corrupt crony capitalists are scared. I’ve never seen them this outraged, this vicious, this motivated, this coordinated – NEVER in all my years in politics, have I seen anything like the way the mad dogs of hell have been unleashed on Donald Trump.

When white extremist David Duke ran for governor of Louisiana he wasn’t treated with this kind of outrage, vitriol and disrespect. When a known fraud, scam artist and tax cheat like Al Sharpton ran for president, I never saw anything remotely close to this. The over-the-top reaction to Trump by politicians of both parties, the media and the biggest corporations of America has been so swift and insanely angry that it suggests they are all threatened and frightened like never before.

Why? Because David Duke was never going to win. Al Sharpton was never going to win. Ron Paul was never going to win. Ross Perot was never going to win as a third-party candidate.

None of those candidates had the billion dollars it takes to win the presidency. But Donald Trump can self-fund that amount tomorrow and still have another billion left over to pour into the last two-week stretch before election day.

No matter how much they say to the contrary, the media, business and political elite understand that Donald Trump is no joke and could actually win and upset their nice cozy apple cart.

It’s no coincidence that everyone has gotten together to destroy the Donald. No, this is a coordinated conspiracy led by President Obama himself. Obama is making the phone calls and giving the orders – the ultimate intimidator who plays by the rules of Chicago thug politics. Why is this so important to Obama?

Because most of the other politicians are part of the “old boys club.” They talk big, but in the end they won’t change a thing. Why? Because they are all beholden to big money donors. They are all owned by lobbyists, unions, lawyers, gigantic environmental organizations, multi-national corporations like Big Pharma or Big Oil. Or they are owned lock stock and barrel by foreigners – like George Soros owns Obama, or foreign governments own Hillary with their Clinton Foundation donations.

These run-of-the-mill establishment politicians are all puppets owned by big money. But one man – and only one man – isn’t beholden to anyone. One man doesn’t need foreigners, or foreign governments, or George Soros, or the United Auto Workers, or the Teachers Union, or the SEIU, or the Bar Association to fund his campaign. Billionaire tycoon and maverick Donald Trump doesn’t need anyone’s help.

That means he doesn’t care what the media says. He doesn’t care what the corporate elites think. That makes him very dangerous to the entrenched interests. That makes Trump a huge threat. Trump can ruin everything for the bribed politicians and their spoiled slave masters.

Don’t you ever wonder why the GOP has never tried to impeach Obama? Don’t you wonder why John Boehner and Mitch McConnell talk a big game, but never actually try to stop Obama? Don’t you wonder why Congress holds the purse strings, yet they’ve never tried to defund Obamacare or Obama’s clearly illegal Executive Action on amnesty for illegal aliens? Bizarre, right? It defies logic, right?

Well first, I’d guess many key Republicans are being bribed. Secondly, I believe many key Republicans are being blackmailed. Whether they are having affairs or are secretly gay or are stealing taxpayer money; the NSA knows everything.

Ask former House Speaker Dennis Hastert about that. The government even knew Hastert was withdrawing large sums of his own money, from his own bank account. Trust me – the NSA, SEC, IRS and all the other three-letter government agencies are watching every Republican political leader. They know everything. Thirdly, many Republicans are petrified of being called “racists.” So they are scared to ever criticize Obama, or call out his crimes, let alone demand his impeachment.

Fourth, why rock the boat? After defeat or retirement, if you’re a “good boy” you’ve got a $5 million dollar per year lobbying job waiting. The big money interests have the system gamed. Win or lose … they win.

But Donald Trump doesn’t play by any of these rules. Trump breaks up this nice cozy relationship between big government, big media and big business. All the rules are out the window if Donald wins the presidency. The other politicians will protect Obama and his aides. But not Donald.

Remember Trump was the only politician who publicly questioned Obama’s college records and how a mediocre student got into an Ivy League university. Now he’s doing something no Republican has the chutzpah to do – question our relationship with Mexico; question why the border is wide open; question why no wall has been built across the border; question if allowing millions of illegal aliens into America is in our best interests; question why so many illegal aliens commit violent crimes yet are not deported; question why our trade deals with Mexico, Russia and China are so bad.

Donald Trump has the audacity to ask out loud why American workers always get the short end of the stick? Good question. I’m certain Trump will question what happened to the almost billion dollars given in a rigged no-bid contract to college friends of Michelle Obama at foreign companies to build the defective Obamacare web sites. (By the way that tab is now up to $5 billion.

Trump will ask if Obamacare’s architects can be charged with fraud for selling it by lying. He will ask if Obama himself committed fraud when he said, “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.”

Trump will investigate Obama’s widespread IRS conspiracy, not to mention Obama’s college records. Trump will prosecute Hillary Clinton and Obama for fraud committed to cover-up Benghazi before the election. Trump will no doubt investigate if Obama’s Labor Department committed fraud by making up job report numbers to steal the 2012 election.

Obama, the multi-national corporations and the media need to stop this. They recognize this could get out of control. If left unchecked telling the raw truth and asking questions everyone else is afraid to ask, Donald could wake a sleeping giant.

Trump’s election would be a nightmare. Obama has committed many crimes. No one else but Donald would dare to prosecute. Donald Trump will not hesitate. Once Donald gets in and gets a look at “the cooked books” and Obama’s records, the game is over. The gig is up. The goose is cooked. Eric Holder could wind up in prison. Valerie Jarrett could wind up in prison. Obama bundler Jon Corzine could wind up in prison for losing $1.5 billion of customer money.

Hillary Clinton could wind up in jail for deleting 32,000 emails; or accepting bribes from foreign governments while serving as secretary of State; or for “misplacing” $6 billion as head of State Department; or for the Benghazi cover-up.

The entire upper level management of the IRS could wind up in prison for targeting and persecuting critics of the president and then purposely destroying evidence. Obamacare will be defunded and dismantled. The Obama Crime Family will be prosecuted for crimes against the American people. And Obama himself could wind up ruined, his legacy in tatters.

Trump will investigate. Trump will prosecute. Trump will go after everyone involved…just for fun. That will all happen on Trump’s first day in the White House. Who knows what Donald will do on day two?

That’s why the dogs of hell have been unleashed on Donald Trump. That’s why we must all support Donald. This may be our only shot at saving America, uncovering the crimes committed against our nation and prosecuting all of those involved.”

Many of us are fed up with the ‘politics’ of elections, as we do our best to pick someone who will actually represent us, and time after time, we see that NOT happening, as our elected officials say one thing and do another. Perhaps we need to support the one man who can’t be bought, and who is not intimidated, and who is addressing the issues we have been questioning. Who knows? We might actually have a ‘champion of the People’ who has what it takes to ‘clean house’ and do for us what all the rest have failed to do.

Looks like NYC is headed into the war zone…

NYC leans left, however are they prepared to cope with the ‘civil unrest’ that certain people are working hard to make happen there?

From an email I was sent:
“If you’ve been watching news broadcasts of the demonstrations in New York City, you undoubtedly saw plenty of footage of protesters carrying signs. These signs were not hand printed, and all the words are spelled correctly, so who furnished them?

Well, on the bottom of the signs is the name of the sponsor:
protests in NYC 2014
So, if you’re at all curious, just click right here on and see who provided the spiffy signs these aggrieved citizens are holding up. It’ll only take a second”.

We’ve got giving the protest signs to the folks – trying to incite more ‘racial’ riots in NYC, among other places.

Here’s what is about:

and we’ve got the infamous NYC mayor, and his illustrious past; here’s an article on him I received:

“An interesting article on NYC’s Mayor. Another “unknown politician” (like BHO) rises to the top and turns the government into chaos.

Subject: Mayor of NYC

It’s quite possible he would have won the election even if his past would have been completely known. He was always a left wing agitator and that was well known in New York City. Apparently, they got what they wanted.

The year was 1988. The Oakland A’s went to the World Series, Ronald Reagan completed his final year in office, and a young Bill DeBlasio traveled to Central America to learn firsthand the anarchist tactics of Che Guevara.

young DeBlasio-college yearbk pic
College Yearbook Photo

At the time in Nicaragua, the infamous Sandinista revolution was in full swing and Marxist soldiers were intent on spreading their socialist ideals. The Sandinistas deployed the same tactics as Che Guevara and looked to communist dictators such as Fidel Castro as their role models.

It was in this climate in Central America that DeBlasio cut his teeth as a professional agitator and political activist.

During his time in Nicaragua, DeBlasio helped to supply Marxist guerrilla soldiers with money, clothing and medical supplies in order to help them continue fighting on the front lines.

DeBlasio would have you believe he was there as a humanitarian simply distributing food and medicine but lest one be fooled, the liberal New York Times has even printed that “a review of hundreds of pages of records and more than two dozen interviews suggest his time as a young activist was more influential in shaping his ideology than previously known, and far more political than typical humanitarian work.”

DeBlasio in Central America 1980
DeBlasio upon arriving in Central America, 1980 (Photo

Simply put, DeBlasio’s “communist organizing” in a foreign country makes Barack Obama’s “community organizing” look like mere child’s play.

After standing shoulder-to-shoulder with socialist Sandinistas in Nicaragua, DeBlasio returned to the Washington, D.C. area where he worked for an organization called the Quixote Center and continued to send food, money and supplies back to Nicaragua.

It was here in Washington, D.C. that DeBlasio participated in rallies in support of the Marxist (socialist) movement and was arrested – twice – for supporting countries which the United States called “tyrannical and communist.”

After wearing out his welcome in the nation’s capital, DeBlasio moved to New York where he fundraised for the Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York City. It was there that the New York Times reported DeBlasio rubbed elbows and “worked alongside peace activists, Democrats, Marxists, and anarchists.”

DeBlasio was a bona fide Marxist sympathizer.

So, why does his political past matter?

A politician’s past political activism matters because it’s the best measure of how a person would govern if ever elected to office. Only when you know where a politician has been can you determine where he is going in the future.

It matters because principles don’t merely sit on a shelf; principles can be “weaponized” in the form of candidates and public policy measures.

Once a politician is sworn into office, he gives life to those principles as public policies by which the rest of us are required to live.

That is the situation now facing New York City.

DeBlasio’s principles wouldn’t have mattered to the rest of the world, had he not chosen to follow Saul Alinsky’s infamous advice: “True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism. They cut their hair, put on suits, and infiltrate the system from within.”

Nearly twenty-five years after he rolled up his sleeves and landed in Nicaragua to help the socialists, DeBlasio finally put on a suit jacket and became New York City‘s mayor.

Now, the largest city in the U.S. is being led by a far-left-wing Democratic Socialist and professionally-trained anarchist.

However, Mayor DeBlasio is not entirely to blame for his ascension.

Republicans in New York attempted to warn the electorate. Joe Lhota, a colleague of former Mayor Rudy Giuliania and DeBlasio’s Republican challenger in the 2012 elections, called out DeBlasio’s socialist past during the campaign, but it fell on deaf ears.

When the media finally reported DeBlasio’s history in the final few weeks of the Mayor’s race it was too little, too late. He had already ascended to become the golden child of the tony, midtown Manhattan press corps who are so left of center, they’ve nearly dropped into the Hudson River. DeBlasio was so far ahead in the polls, he was unstoppable.

However, it’s too simple an explanation to blame the mainstream media.

Voters also failed phenomenally.

We as voters have a responsibility to vet candidates, too.

Rather than excuse a candidate’s extreme political activism with the wave of a hand as the “indiscretions of one’s youth,” we must be astute enough to determine precisely how that activism translates at home. (This will become all the more relevant as we enter into the 2016 Presidential contest.)

In Mayor DeBlasio’s case, his ties to an anti-American, socialist Sandinista movement should have disqualified him from the office.

After all, he fought against so-called “imperial” authorities such as the United States should have alarmed voters to deduce that DeBlasio has little regard for U.S. norms and laws – and probably even less regard for those who choose to make law enforcement a career.

And so it was last week that DeBlasio’s remarks about the NYPD incited angry mobs to take to the streets against law enforcement in midtown Manhattan, atop the Brooklyn Bridge and on a street that fateful night in Brooklyn.

As tensions flare in New York City, it should come as no surprise that the flames of discord have been fanned by a Mayor trained in anarchist rhetoric.

DeBlasio’s history as a political agitator who stood for all things anti-American, combined with the deadly events in New York over the weekend, are proof that the past does matter. His time aiding and abetting Marxist rebels in Central America should have informed voters on how he would govern and potentially turn New York City into a war zone.

For his apparent role in inciting a gunman to execute two NYPD officers, DeBlasio undoubtedly has blood on his hands; but frankly, so do any voters who knew of his dangerous past and propelled him into office anyway.

The Police are turning their backs on him because their intelligence has him in their sight picture .But, apparently, as the MIT Professor said , “voters are too stupid to make the right choice”. ”

People don’t seem to be aware of everything going on- thinking this communist stuff isn’t affecting us all here in America.

Infiltrating unions- especially labor unions- is one of their more successful endeavors.

Pay particular attention to the year 1848 on this record:

“Marx, Ritter, and Nietzsche were all funded and under the instruction of the Rothschild’s. The idea was that those who direct the overall conspiracy could use the differences in those two so-called ideologies to enable them to divide larger and larger factions of the human race into opposing camps so that they could be armed and then brainwashed into fighting and destroying each other, and particularly, to destroy all political and religious institutions. The same plan put forward by Weishaupt in 1776.”

and then there’s THIS jewel:

read all the way through- it will give you an idea of the ultimate plan…
Quoted from this site:
“Q: Is communism Jewish?

A: Of course! Karl Marx, Moses Mordechai Levi, who had a couple of grandfathers that were Jewish, he was the one who created it, along with Engels. He was another nice Jewish boy. And we implemented it and got that started in Russia. It was the great bill of goods to sell to masses.

We tell them: hey, you are here at the bottom. How would you like to be equal, everybody be equal? They thought they were gonna come up, but we brought the rich ones down to their level and we took all the money, and we run it, and they are all a bunch of schleppers.

And we make the shekels, and we are the masters of the world, and all the goyim are just human cattle. ”

It is particularly interesting that the people who want to form an ‘equal’ society don’t realize this whole thing has been a set-up from the beginning by the money controllers all along- in order to get two factions fighting amongst themselves, and ultimately destroy themselves- on both sides.

‘Communists’ don’t see they’ve been set up by the Rothschild group. They are essentially working for the Rothschild’s without even recognizing that the whole Marxist thing was a ploy by the Rothschild’s. The irony is the communists want to end capitalism, yet the creators of communism are the biggest money-grubbers ever, and have been thriving off all of our hard work and sweat for centuries.

Rothschild and company have a particular bent against of the Irish- (maybe the Irish are too smart, and figured out their game!!ha,ha).

John Gatto wrote a book called ‘The Underground History of American Education’ where he exposes what has been going on. In his video- The Ultimate History Lesson- he also exposes all the tragic things done to the Irish, especially those who came to America. Many Irish families were subjected to their doings, and had some (if not all) of their children adopted out by these creeps- in their efforts to tear families apart and make sure they didn’t taint their children with ‘nationalism’. Best way to keep all those Irish working hard was to ‘unencumber’ them from their responsibilities as parents!

We’ve all been duped by these controllers- they only wanted a slave market(who didn’t realize they were groomed as a slave market) to generate $ for them.

They plan on destroying up to 90% of world population(according to a paper by the Rome Club- another Rothschild baby) – through contaminated vaccines, wars, genetically altered foods, etc.- when they are done using us. They only need a small percentage to continue working for them, after all. That’s why they’ve been ‘dumbing down’ the educational system for the past 100 yrs.

Now, doesn’t that make us all feel great- to find out we’ve been exploited by such a small group- who control nearly everything today? These guys and their relations own most of the world’s water rights, most of the huge mega corporations- which we purchase our food and household needs from- They control all the world’s media and they run the world’s governments (although they are not ‘elected’; they do it from the background. Don’t go along with them and they’ll destroy one’s career and/or have them killed). We’re all like a big chess game to them.

Most of our people who came to America moved here so they could make a decent living, and enjoy what this country has to offer- Thousands and thousands have come here in the last few hundred years.

Most assuredly, the left-leaning liberals would want to know they are being lead to slaughter- just like the right-leaning conservatives are- by the same group of thieves.

Learning this information doesn’t make anyone ‘anti’ anything. Facts speak for themselves.

Basically, there’s virtually no difference in the political ‘parties’ of any country- it all has been a set-up all along. Remember the old adage, “Divide and Conquer!”

The best way for people to have the life we all deserve is to become self-reliant. If we are not dependent on these ‘lords of finance’, we break their back. Everyone has a skill they can contribute or teach to others to get us into a position of self-reliance. In America, we have a good Constitution that allows us to change our government any time- and we still have the right to bear arms against any tyrannical government that infiltrates our country. Yes, self-governing is perhaps more difficult, as we are more prone to letting others govern us- but we do have choices.

America is a young country- and evolving. Let’s hope we can make it into what all people need, so we all can have clean water, edible food, comfortable shelter, meaningful work, and people who care. And enough sense to look after ourselves.

This information is being sent so you can share the information- if you are so inclined- with others who have also had the wool pulled over their eyes. The more people are aware, the better they are in a position to make informed choices. If you- or anyone of your acquaintances and friends – have been sucked in and have joined The Party, at least be aware that you’re supporting and working for the Rothschild family – the very same group that you’re against by all who seek a more ‘equal’ life.

Stay safe.

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