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The wireless industry is at it again. Not content with 4G and smart grid saturation into communities around the US, they now want to add another layer of high frequency 5G microwave radiation on top of that, being blasted from millions of powerful small cell 5G RF transmitters on utility poles.

You need to take this deadly seriously, as your future health, and that of your community, depend on it.

Local governments and communities, with direct experience of wireless radiation harm, remain the biggest impediment to the ignorant and shortsighted deployment of technology that has been shown to irreparably harm life.

The wireless industry is now pushing S. 3157 — the STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act of 2018. According to the National League of Cities:

“In addition to preempting local authority, the bill would make some major changes to current federal requirements for small cell siting by carving out a new category of “small personal wireless facilities” with new requirements, separate from existing wireless siting law.”

This means that if S. 3157 passes, small cells would no longer be required to comply even with the anemic and insufficient regulations currently covering the approval of larger (4G) cell towers. If you want to stop the unbridled proliferation of powerful 5G cells in our communities, and prevent the federal takeover of our residential and commercial streets, call the Senators on the Commerce Committee prior to this Thursday, and have everyone you know do the same.

Click on “Call Congress Now” for more information from Scientists for Wired Technology on how to take action:


More info and background on this issue:

Telecom Power Grab

What is 5G?



If you are interested in finding lots of great information on alternative energy options, inventions, and products click the following link:

There is an Energy Conference set for next weekend, and the magazine will be updated regularly with the new information presented at the Conference, so check back often! The new information will be added as it becomes available. Meanwhile, there are a lot of great articles and products already available for you at the above link.

There is a lot of information available regarding smart meters- and why we need to stick with the analog meters- available at http://stopsmartmeters,org and at

These sites have great information on the dangers, the health effects, and whether or not they actually save you money- or whether the plan is to ultimately control your energy usage by instituting quotas. These smart meters enable your utility companies to shut off your service remotely (without your consent or without warning).

Many places have already outlawed the installation the these smart meters, as they do not actually even meet FCC standards (See Cindy Sage’s report here: Cindy Sage Says Smart Meters are Not Meeting FCC Standards | Stop Smart Meters Irvine ). The have been known to cause fires, and the adverse health effects are numerous and have been well documented by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (see report here: American Academy of Environmental Medicine calls for a halt to wireless smart meters – EMF Safety Network ).

It is time for us to become self reliant. Self-reliance is the only way we will preserve our freedom.

Please check out the information available at the above links. It is time for us to take control of our lives.

1+ million gallons of toxic mine water was released by EPAthis past Wednesday into into Cement Creek, just north of Silverton, Colorado, which then feeds into the Animus River, as well as many others, and eventually will work it’s way to Lake Powell and beyond.

Agency officials, claiming they didn’t realize the severity of the event, didn’t bother to tell people downstream of this disaster until Thursday, a full day after the fluorescent orange water began flowing through the center of their towns.

The lack of notification of the contaminated water, no doubt, caused the water to be used to irrigate crops, feed livestock, and supply households in the area, and, as with all waters that flow freely, a portion will feed into underground aquifers and ground water tables.

Many of the towns along the way have water-recreation based tourism industries which they rely on for keeping their towns afloat(no pun intended). The US Parks Service highly promotes water recreation activities along Glen Canyon in particular.

Here’s a link to a photograph of what this mess actually looks like:
Photograph: by Jerry McBride/AP

EPA officials stated that the impacts of the spill could stretch for years into the future and, then later, told reporters that the impact on human and environmental health was not immediately clear- are we to actually believe that this impact is unclear? Seriously?! They’ve known the effects of lead, arsenic, cadmium, copper, calcium and other heavy metals for some time. Why are they claiming that they don’t know?

The wastewater is a toxic left-over accumulation from gold mining of more than 100 years ago. The huge amount of water released nearly flooded Cement Creek as it flowed into the Animus River. EPA officials said that a blockage of loose soil and little more was holding in the bright orange wastewater at Gold King Mine, a former gold mine, when the incident occurred.

The EPA was working at the property as part of a plan to remediate the superfund site and stop a longtime flow of acidic, heavy metal-laden wastewater from the nearby Red and Bonita mines, all near the abandoned mining town of Gladstone. The work would have installed a bulkhead, or massive plug, at the end of the inactive mining tunnel. (Clearly, this seems to be a planned ‘band-aid’ fix, as the wastewater would again continue to build and accumulate until…well, you get the picture).

Given the untimely notification of the dangerous heavy metals into waterways that supply critically needed water for drinking, households, agriculture and crops, it is difficult to ascertain whether this wastewater was let go so as to make future installing of the proposed bulwark easier, or was an integral part in the proposed population reduction plan, or perhaps both.

It’s devastating effects will be felt by many states’ flora and fauna as the water continues to flow toward the Pacific Ocean. Aside from Colorado’s residents, ranchers and farmers, as well as all the wildlife and plant species, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, and parts of Mexico, all depend on Colorado’s precious water for survival.

David Ostrander, the EPA’s head of emergency management, told a standing-room-only crowd in Durango Friday afternoon, “First off, I’d like to just say I’m sorry for what’s happened. This is a huge tragedy, and it’s hard being on the other side of this, in terms of being the one who caused this incident.” The way it was stated did not appear to fall within the perimeters of ‘accident’.

The same day, the EPA, in an effort to try to capture the heavy metals as more continues to flow downstream, was building settling ponds. EPA wants to treat water before releasing it into Cement Creek, although exactly how to ‘treat’ the toxicity of the heavy-metal laden water was not specified and remains unclear.

The Federal Bureau of Reclamation, which manages water supplies in the western United States, is strongly warning against any contact with the water, and is doubling the flow of water from the Navajo dam, near the San Juan River(which this wastewater will join), to try to dilute the toxic waste.

Perhaps most unnerving for all who are along the pathways of this deadly water is the fact that, as of Friday afternoon, the mine was still leaking a lot of toxic wastewater with no end in sight, creating a continuous waste tail that has yet to fully flow down the river. One would think diverting this toxic water until it can be ‘treated’ would be desirable, especially given the huge dosage already well on its way downstream.

An EPA official stated that an estimated 200 gallons of wastewater per minute were still flowing out of the mine as of Friday afternoon.

After two U.S. Supreme Court rulings raised questions over which waterways the EPA Clean Water Act covers — particularly when it comes to those that flow only part of the year or are otherwise unnavigable-, the EPA began working on the “Waters of the United States” rule. Republicans insist the rule, as written, infringes on the rights of private property owners, the states, and municipal governments, and gives the EPA regulatory authority that goes too far beyond the intended scope of the Act. The expanded authority could, in its extreme, include everything from ditches, puddles, and swimming pools if the rule is passed as written.

“The rule would expand the reach of the federal government [and] undermine the federal-state partnership under the [act],” said Shuster, chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. “This rule wrongly assumes that states and local governments … don’t know how, or don’t care about, protecting their waters.” Private property owners share that view.

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), chairman of the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee, agreed with Shuster, and went further, broadening his criticism, saying the plan represents just the latest attempt by the Obama administration not only to further expand federal jurisdiction, but also to usurp the power of Congress.

Inhofe stated,“Agencies can only carry out the authority Congress gives them. They can’t create it unilaterally, and that’s what, I believe, is happening here.”

A number of states from around the country are challenging the EPA’s regulatory overreach in court. This rule is but the latest in a long list of actions by the Obama Administration that ignores the law.

Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) added that EPA officials weren’t being honest with Congress — or, perhaps, with themselves, either.

The EPA thrives on feeding fear (even though their ‘facts’ are often tainted in their favor), and is constantly finding new ‘reasons’ to exist.

Based on all the faulty ‘scientific research’ continuously presented in the past by the EPA, WHY would we allow them to (mis)handle such a precious resource as our water?

“Suppose the Congress developed a backbone and abolished the EPA tomorrow morning. Would the air and water be in any danger? Not really, because there are environmental protection agencies in all fifty states and every U.S. territory. Overlap and duplication of effort is always costly. Think of the money we’d save”.(see: for other EPA issues) [not to mention saving our resources!]

It is extremely detrimental to us all to have this ‘purging of our military’ happening. It is happening at an unprecedented rate.

Clearly the communistic goals have been seeping in at an alarming rate
(see previous post ‘Scammed AGAIN’ and ‘NYC-headed to a war zone?’)

It is understandable that many think that it may well lead to the country revolting- but that is EXACTLY what the Communist Party wants us to do. They tell those who ‘accept’ the Party that violence is the ONLY way that they will achieve the ‘change’ they want(OWG).

Obviously, we must re-build America by the same methods the Party have
snuck in on us all in order to destroy America (and other nations, as well), and AVOID the violence!

Otherwise, the FEMA camps and UN takeover/communist takeover WILL get their way.

Use their very same strategy to reverse what has been going on – then we can get our strength back and send them packing. All of the following can be done in a minimal amount of time:

1) Re-educate the public
2) let them know we aren’t intimated by them and WOULD use atomic/nuclear military effort to sustain the US
3) ARM the people and teach them to use those arms effectively
4) stop all trade with communist countries
5) call all the loans in to any communist and any communist-sympathizer country
6) stop any and all aid to communist countries
7) leave the UN and get the UN removed from US soil
8) end arms negotiations
9) pass strong laws forbidding the communist agenda propaganda in this country (outlawing it permanently with heavy punishment levied)
10) close all military and patent information to them
11) do away with political parties (with a NO CONFIDENCE vote) and just have individuals running for office, and dis-allow any $ backing (allow only unbiased, uncontrolled media spewing what the runners are about as a public service)
12) get law of the land to stand above any tweaking of laws that has been used (the Party has been claiming it was a civil rights violation)
13) promote homeschooling and private education, and
14) outlaw any communist agenda propaganda in public schools/student newspapers,etc.
15) institute severe punishment for communist incited/supported riots
16) shut down all newspapers, media, motion pictures that adhere to communist agenda and promote small independent locally-owned media to replace it
17) tear down ugly art(replacing it with beautiful art)
18) remove all communists from controlling offices in all sectors
19) promote healthy and morally sound lifestyles and values (and punish deviant behavior)
20) support wholesome religion choice
21) definitely support the ideals of our Founding Fathers and the Constitution
22) make the real history of our nation a requirement in education
23) support individual nations inherent cultures (Stop pushing multi-culturalism and homogenization of peoples)
24) show the dangers of socialism and communism and promote individual strength
25) Cut all ties with the Rothschilds and their ilk, and send them packing
26) institute our own currency backed by something better than air
27) close the Federal Reserve Bank, audit them, give the money back to the people, and kick the FRB, IMF, etc. out of the country
28) close the borders and kick out all illegals after fining them for
breaking our laws
29) expose ‘American Corporations’ owned by foreigners, and
force them out
30) re-instate all military officers that have been ‘dismissed’ because of political agenda
31) re-build our military strength and arsenals. and build new and strong ships and other needed equipment and weaponry
32) replace all communist controlled offices within our government, our museums, our ‘social services’, industries, and unions, etc.
33) eliminate socialist programs
34) remove psychology and their psuedo ‘professionals’ and send them packing
35) re-vamp the EPA, FDA, etc- repeal Codex, assuring all products will do no harm
36) promote family, self-reliance, small business, small farming, individual and state’s rights

Other countries would follow suit once we’ve acted. Oh, and disarm them-
even if we have to blow them sky-high to accomplish that.

We do NOT have to engage in a ‘violent’ revolution to accomplish this- we can do it
as stealthily as they have- THAT would really get to them, to NOT fall into
their trap.
They want nothing more than to engage us in a war amongst ourselves.

We can do this most effectively by re-instituting our values and forbidding theirs, clean house, so to speak, and once they are out, blow their ‘military might’ to kingdom come.
Strict border control afterwards, with thorough background checks done by those
who value America for it’s Liberty.

They are too well positioned to fight in a revolution, as they have
been infiltrating and stashing weapons for many years.

Remember how and why communism introduced and what results these controllers had in mind by doing so. (see links on earlier post entitled ‘NYC- heading to a war zone?’)

We must just take over from the inside out- just like they did. Non-violently.

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