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If you are interested in finding lots of great information on alternative energy options, inventions, and products click the following link:

There is an Energy Conference set for next weekend, and the magazine will be updated regularly with the new information presented at the Conference, so check back often! The new information will be added as it becomes available. Meanwhile, there are a lot of great articles and products already available for you at the above link.

There is a lot of information available regarding smart meters- and why we need to stick with the analog meters- available at http://stopsmartmeters,org and at

These sites have great information on the dangers, the health effects, and whether or not they actually save you money- or whether the plan is to ultimately control your energy usage by instituting quotas. These smart meters enable your utility companies to shut off your service remotely (without your consent or without warning).

Many places have already outlawed the installation the these smart meters, as they do not actually even meet FCC standards (See Cindy Sage’s report here: Cindy Sage Says Smart Meters are Not Meeting FCC Standards | Stop Smart Meters Irvine ). The have been known to cause fires, and the adverse health effects are numerous and have been well documented by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (see report here: American Academy of Environmental Medicine calls for a halt to wireless smart meters – EMF Safety Network ).

It is time for us to become self reliant. Self-reliance is the only way we will preserve our freedom.

Please check out the information available at the above links. It is time for us to take control of our lives.


Received this today:

“Oil exec comments about the debate

This a quote last night from an oil executive in south Texas who was
instrumental in developing Eagleford Shale..

“Ok. So I think I just heard the biggest LIE I have ever heard in a
debate. And if HRC really believes what she said then that just shows
beyond a shadow of a doubt how stupid and out of touch with reality she
She said, and I quote, ” for the first time EVER as a country, we are now
ENERGY INDEPENDENT”. I hope that whomever reads my post sends this to
everyone in their Facebook and everyone in their email contacts. The
absolute facts are this:

1. We use 18,000,000 barrels of oil every day in this country. Of that
total we IMPORT 10,000,000 barrels every day from foreign countries. a
majority of this number from the Middle East.

2. Over 1,000,000 jobs have been lost in the past 2 years in the energy
industry because we are so DEPENDENT on foreign oil they can do whatever
they want. And because they no they have us by the throat they lowered the
price of oil for the sole purpose of putting domestic oil and gas
out of business. Thousands of energy jobs have been lost and the “ripple
effect” from that is millions of other jobs that directly benefit from a
robust domestic energy industry.

3. The Iran deal allowed 1,500,000 barrels of “additional oil” to be sold
on the world grid. Thus adding to the foreign total and further
domestic companies.

4. The EPA is strangling the life out of the domestic energy industry.
huge amounts of restrictive regulations and by closing down huge areas of
domestic land for energy exploration. The revenue derived from developing
this land could pay off the national debt in 10 years and truly makes us
INDEPENDENT from foreign oil.

5. Wind and solar are a joke. The projects are only viable economically
because the government subsidizes every solar panel and every windmill
built. For all the tax money spent on losing projects, if you took all the
energy created from wind and solar it would only amount to .7% of all the
energy put into the grid currently. That’s right… less than 1% of our
daily energy demand and it costs billions of $$ in government funding!!!

The liberals care more about their fictional “climate change ” theory than
they do trying to solve our energy DEPENDENCE on countries that HATE us
use the same $$$ we pay them to purchase oil to buy guns, bullets,
and bombs to kill us with. They know that our entire country would come to
a screaming halt if they quit selling us oil and we lose 10,000,000
a day that currently power our country.

The media will avoid this like the plague because it was such a moronic
out of touch statement that it makes HRC look like she has no idea what’s
going on and has no concept of reality. I was absolutely shocked she made
such a stupid statement.

We have enough known reserves of oil, natural gas and coal to power this
country for the next 500 years if we only had someone in Washington that
actually knew what the hell is going own in the energy industry. HRC is a
perfect example of the stupidity of our current leadership.

Please send this to EVERYONE YOU CAN.

VOTE TRUMP! At least he understands the problems!!!!”


Soooo, who are YOU going to vote for?

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