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People need to be aware of this. Please read thoroughly:

There’s also a lot of good articles on Political Vel Craft site pertaining

to all this Rothschild and manipulation going on. People are getting duped constantly w/ misrepresentation of the connections of the people who would have sovereignty destroyed. The more exposure this gets, the better people can make informed choices.

Many people have been manipulated into thinking & doing things that are seemingly ‘for the good of the whole’, a ‘group think’ mentality- it is a regular feature of public education.

Think ‘over population’, fact: less than 1% of the farmland in the US could feed the entire world population (*it takes 300 sq meters to feed one person for a year;that’s 358.8 sq. yards. There are 1484 sq. yds in 1 acre. The US farmland = 922,000,000 acres.

Additionally, if you put every person on earth, shoulder-to-shoulder, it would fill an area the size of L.A.; if you gave each of them .10 of an acre[enough for a home and some land], they would take up an area the size of Texas, Calif. & N.M. with room to spare.

Manipulation via public education so eugenics can be instituted- they believe that ‘some people'(not them, of course) take up too much room & too many resources- all a blatant lie. They want to rid the world of ‘poverty’ that they created by absconding w/ people’s land and resources, now blaming those people for the current state that those wishing control actually created.

They also would have us believe that reducing population would be the solution (they only need 500,000,000 to do their bidding, after all), so there has been many years of convincing us not have babies- ‘just replace yourselves if you are going to have children’,etc.-All the while they taint contraceptive devices, poison vaccines. Then, when one gets ‘ready’ to have a family, they find out they can’t reproduce;they have been sterilized and don’t know it. The families think there’s something ‘wrong’ w/ themselves, never realizing it was caused by the poisons these others subjected them to. Sterilization of people is going on everywhere, unbeknownst to the trusting public. Eugenics at it’s finest.

Please read all the links thoroughly- you will see that these people are not ‘humanitarian’, not acting in our interests ever.

There is a lot more to this debauchery. But those articles will show you a glimpse of how people have been manipulated, deceived to their detriment.

Also info on the whole psychiatric INDUSTRY that was created to catalog human behavior and support those who did that as well as support the drug industry. Are you aware that schools are now being PAID for every child they ‘determine’ has a ‘mental disorder’? Are you aware that these ‘disorders’ are ‘diagnosed’ from a book containing lists of human behaviors common to all humans? They put these lists in various orders, put a name to the set of behaviors, and viola! They have created 300+ ‘disorders’ thus far. These are all based on opinion; there is NO medical test of any kind thatcan definitively state there is a ‘mental disorder’. This multi-billion dollar industry harms millions of people. 8.4 million children on meds, some as young as 2 yrs, old.

Another very informative resource is John Taylor Gatto’s book, ‘The Underground History of American Education’ (which actually applies to most countries educational system today).

The way out is not only demand this gets address by those able to do so, but to educate the public on the matter. All progress throughout history has been made by promoting the individual (NOT the group),& individual creativeness, and by being self-reliant (that holds true for any family, community, or nation). If one isn’t beholden to anyone for their sustenance, they are free. If they can do what creative venture they are good at, using imagination freely, they are free. Everybody is good at something. Squashing individuality, and creativity allows suppression.Those that wish to control have suppressed humans for years by pushing an agenda that is detrimental to the individual & to imagination & self-reliance. Think of how far we could have progressed if that had not been happening!

ALL inventions that have been positive were done by creative INDIVIDUALS (not by any group)- it ALWAYS has been one person’s idea that triggered those inventions. When you learn the true history of what has been going on, you see how far they sucked people in, & how they did that. It is time to end the enslavement.

Please thoroughly read the links/books information & pass it along. It is time for human beings to take back their power. Then we’ll see progress in an advantageous direction for each person. We are the only ones who can break this detrimental stranglehold.


With all the news of election rigging, things are getting tense. Many wonder how all these changes came about.


Then you will know the why and how of all these changes!
There is also a very informative article at:

Once you become aware of what has been going on, you will see how deep this goes- and what we have to do to free ourselves of this.
Read also about the very extensive list of Rothschild controlled banks, worldwide. It all starts to get very clear.
However, the tide IS turning. Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Iraq, (Although Iraq was getting one – don’t know if that got finalized or not),Iceland, Russia, and others have since pulled away and arrested Rothschilds- France searching for Baron Rothchild who was involved in massive fraud…the tide is turning! Russia issued an international arrest warrant for Soros. I think I also read Switzerland was starting to prosecute them as well.
Russia, China, Egypt, Iceland, Ireland, Hungary, Iran, & Crimea. so far(2015) have booted out the Rothschilds. That is something the US needs to do, as well.

When you see how all nations have been controlled for quite a long time, you will see that OF COURSE the elections are manipulated. This illusion that WE have some say in the outcome has been pulled off for a long time- those that stood in the way got killed.

To date there are something like 72 bankers who have died in the last year- because they knew too much. The ones dying, be they politicians or bankers, have ‘suicide’, car wreck, train wreck, plane wreck, heart attack, mysterious sudden deaths; all of them knew too much. Like the scientists and researchers and Drs. who go against the grain and try to expose what is going on- they end up dead. Hmmm.
You might pay less attention to main media news, as that is owned and controlled by these same ‘controllers’. (According to them, Russia is the ‘bad guy’ and not to be trusted; how quickly we forget all the favors Putin extended to US after 9-11; NATO is doing their best to make Russia look the part of ‘the enemy’, as is the main media). Use the internet, look up INDEPENDENT news sources- they are still doing their job, and several countries have them- Iceland, Russia, Ireland, the US, etc. Compare the news from other countries from these independents and use your skills of discernment. OUR main media is not going to tell us the truth about anything.
These controllers have been planning WWIII a long time, seeding the racial divisions and inundating countries with ‘ethnic diversity’ (who intend to kill us). They create a problem, and then offer a solution- which is all devised to our detriment.
Please pass this information on. This is NOT a ‘theory’ – it IS what has been, and is happening. This small group includes the Bildenburg group, the Trilateral Commission, CFR, the Rome Club, UN, etc.,etc. they work in concert to break down sovereign nations whilst attempting to replace those with a one world government.
Have you noticed the reduction in choices at your stores- all being replaced by store brands? Have you noticed the reduction in quality and quantity available? Have you noticed these large corporations buying out or destroying small businesses?(just look up any major company and find out how many other companies/brands they own; it is startling). These mega-corporations are owned by the same people who comprise the above listed groups, or are related to them one way or another. The news people are related or married to major politicians, who are all being told what to tell us. This is not by accident.
Have you noticed no matter how much money we spend on education, our kids learn very little (except how to be part of The Group mentality)? Read John Taylor Gatto’s book called The Underground History of American Education – you will learn why and how all this has happened, and where it is going.
We HAVE a choice. We can either pretend it is all going to be ok, or we can stand up and act to protect our diminishing freedom and make sure we pass our precious liberty on to future generations. Thousands have died because they believed in America; they believed what America stands for is worth defending.

Ultimately, it is OUR call.

So, “Merry Christmas to All, and to all a GOOD KNIGHT(little play on words there). 🙂
Oh, a bit of warning- just because these controllers have been thus far successful does not mean we need to get overwhelmed and freak out. “Keep your head” and realize there are EASY and NON-bloody ways to regain our balance and our freedoms. Those doing all these dastardly deeds CAN be rounded up peaceably and tried for their crimes. THINK and then ACT. We do not have to go down. We can reclaim our UNALIENABLE RIGHTS

[“Unalienable: incapable of being alienated, that is, sold and transferred.”
Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, pg. 1523

“You cannot surrender, sell or transfer unalienable rights, they are a gift from the creator to the individual and cannot under any circumstances be surrendered or taken. All individual’s have unalienable rights.
“Inalienable rights: Rights which are not capable of being surrendered or transferred without the consent of the one possessing such rights.” Morrison v. State, Mo. App. 252 S.W. 2d 97, 101

“You can surrender, sell or transfer inalienable rights if you consent either actually or constructively. Inalienable rights are not inherent in man and can be alienated by government. Persons have inalienable rights. Most state constitutions recognize only inalienable rights.”
There is a HUGE difference between the two definitions.

Many make the mistake of using ‘inalienable’ when speaking of our Constitutional rights. In truth, our rights are UNalienable, and our Constitution does NOT give us these rights; it, instead PROTECTS our rights by affirming that no one can take them because they are ‘God’ given (use whatever term you deem appropriate for ‘God’;the Founder’s used Creator). Our unalienable rights include the right to bear arms, among many others.
It is NOT the Constitution that gives us that right; that right was Creator given, so as to protect us from tyrannical governments and for self-defense.
The Constitution does not give rights- it simply is a guarantee of those Creator given rights.
The Constitution is stating that they cannot be infringed upon by anyone or any government, or other entity.

In addition, these rights were NOT “handed to us through laws of the United States Constitution, the Magna Carta, and other documents from antiquity and historical situations wherein mankind fought, suffered, and died to win these freedoms”. These rights were strictly gifts given to the individual- by the Creator.
The Constitution is a stated guarantee that those inherent rights cannot be sold, transferred, infringed, nor surrendered, and cannot, under ANY circumstances, be surrendered or taken. They belong to the individual. (which is defined as being different than ‘person’-corporations are listed as persons; individuals are the ‘createe’ of the Creator).

It is critical that we do not lose sight of the true definition of this crucial word ‘unalienable’. ]

Feel free to pass on this information- and hopefully, enough people will begin to stand firm. America, and world, are relying on us standing for our beliefs in freedom. Many people from many nations all have said the same thing- “we will do as America does; if America takes a stand, so shall we”.

The future of mankind rests on our shoulders (common man’s shoulders), and we have the strength to do this.
It is time.

A portion of a previous post is being re-printed here in hopes that many may benefit from the contents.

Let us hope that what the MIT Professor said , “voters are too stupid to make the right choice”, is NOT the case.

People don’t seem to be aware of everything going on- thinking this communist stuff isn’t affecting us all here in America.

Infiltrating unions- especially labor unions- is one of their more successful endeavors.

Pay particular attention to the year 1848 on this record:

“Marx, Ritter, and Nietzsche were all funded and under the instruction of the Rothschild’s. The idea was that those who direct the overall conspiracy could use the differences in those two so-called ideologies to enable them to divide larger and larger factions of the human race into opposing camps so that they could be armed and then brainwashed into fighting and destroying each other, and particularly, to destroy all political and religious institutions. The same plan put forward by Weishaupt in 1776.”

and then there’s THIS jewel:

read all the way through- it will give you an idea of the ultimate plan…
Quoted from this site:
“Q: Is communism Jewish?

A: Of course! Karl Marx, Moses Mordechai Levi, who had a couple of grandfathers that were Jewish, he was the one who created it, along with Engels. He was another nice Jewish boy. And we implemented it and got that started in Russia. It was the great bill of goods to sell to masses.

We tell them: hey, you are here at the bottom. How would you like to be equal, everybody be equal? They thought they were gonna come up, but we brought the rich ones down to their level and we took all the money, and we run it, and they are all a bunch of schleppers.

And we make the shekels, and we are the masters of the world, and all the goyim are just human cattle. ”

It is particularly interesting that the people who want to form an ‘equal’ society don’t realize this whole thing has been a set-up from the beginning by the money controllers all along- in order to get two factions fighting amongst themselves, and ultimately destroy themselves- on both sides.

‘Communists’ don’t see they’ve been set up by the Rothschild group. They are essentially working for the Rothschild’s without even recognizing that the whole Marxist thing was a ploy by the Rothschild’s. The irony is the communists want to end capitalism, yet the creators of communism are the biggest money-grubbers ever, and have been thriving off all of our hard work and sweat for centuries.

Rothschild and company have a particular bent against of the Irish- (maybe the Irish are too smart, and figured out their game!!ha,ha).

John Gatto wrote a book called ‘The Underground History of American Education’ where he exposes what has been going on. In his video- The Ultimate History Lesson- he also exposes all the tragic things done to the Irish, especially those who came to America. Many Irish families were subjected to their doings, and had some (if not all) of their children adopted out by these creeps- in their efforts to tear families apart and make sure they didn’t taint their children with ‘nationalism’. Best way to keep all those Irish working hard was to ‘un-encumber’ them from their responsibilities as parents!

We’ve all been duped by these controllers- they only wanted a slave market(who didn’t realize they were groomed as a slave market) to generate $ for them.

They plan on destroying up to 90% of world population(according to a paper by the Rome Club- another Rothschild baby) – through contaminated vaccines, wars, genetically altered foods, etc.- when they are done using us. They only need a small percentage to continue working for them, after all. That’s why they’ve been ‘dumbing down’ the educational system for the past 100 yrs.

Now, doesn’t that make us all feel great- to find out we’ve been exploited by such a small group- who control nearly everything today? These guys and their relations own most of the world’s water rights, most of the huge mega corporations- which we purchase our food and household needs from- They control all the world’s media and they run the world’s governments (although they are not ‘elected’; they do it from the background. Don’t go along with them and they’ll destroy one’s career and/or have them killed). We’re all like a big chess game to them.

Most of our people who came to America moved here so they could make a decent living, and enjoy what this country has to offer- Thousands and thousands have come here in the last few hundred years.

Most assuredly, the left-leaning liberals would want to know they are being lead to slaughter- just like the right-leaning conservatives are- by the same group of thieves.

Learning this information doesn’t make anyone ‘anti’ anything. Facts speak for themselves.

Basically, there’s virtually no difference in the political ‘parties’ of any country- it all has been a set-up all along. Remember the old adage, “Divide and Conquer!”

The best way for people to have the life we all deserve is to become self-reliant. If we are not dependent on these ‘lords of finance’, we break their back. Everyone has a skill they can contribute or teach to others to get us into a position of self-reliance. In America, we have a good Constitution that allows us to change our government any time- and we still have the right to bear arms against any tyrannical government that infiltrates our country. Yes, self-governing is perhaps more difficult, as we are more prone to letting others govern us- but we do have choices.

America is a young country- and evolving. Let’s hope we can make it into what all people need, so we all can have clean water, edible food, comfortable shelter, meaningful work, and people who care. And enough sense to look after ourselves.

This information is being sent so you can share the information- if you are so inclined- with others who have also had the wool pulled over their eyes. The more people are aware, the better they are in a position to make informed choices. If you- or anyone of your acquaintances and friends – have been sucked in and have joined The Party, at least be aware that you’re supporting and working for the Rothschild family – the very same group that you’re against by all who seek a more ‘equal’ life.

Stay safe.

PS: You can read the Congressional Record of 1963, which outlined 45 Communist Goals, here:

Also read Global Governance- Why? How? and When?, by Henry Lamb, here:

Received this from a reader who felt compelled to share this information, concerning home-schooling, after contacting the appropriate State Representatives.

There are over a quarter of our States that have no regulations regarding educating our children at home. And properly so!

However, a situation present in several States, similar to what is going on in Colorado (where the reader resides), needs addressing. The reader wanted to inform other home-schooling families across the U.S., in the hope that they, too, take action.

The following is from the reader’s letter:

Those who choose to home school their children in Colorado are caught in a contrary situation.

According to :

  • Home schooling is deregulated in the state of Colorado. Therefore, the parent or guardian is taking on ALL of the responsibility for the student’s education including but not limited to the acquisition of books, supplies, tests, and maintaining permanent records.
  • There is no public funding available for home school programs.
  • Home schooling falls under NON-PUBLIC education and is not accredited by the Colorado Department of Education or a local school district.
  • Home school students are not required to take Colorado’s standardized tests, however the parent may request of their local school district that their child participate. Colorado specific assessments do not fulfill the requirement for home school students to take a nationally standardized test.

And then, in the next breath (see specifically the testing requirements below):

  • A parent who intends to establish a nonpublic, home-based, education program does not need to provide written notification of the program to a school district within the state until the child is 6 years old. (22-33-104.5(3)(e), C.R.S.)
  • The parent or guardian must provide written notification explaining the intent to home school his or her child. Notification can be given to any Colorado public school district office.
  • This written notification must be given 14 days before the parent or guardian establishes the home school program. (22-33-104.5(3)(e), C.R.S.)
    The notification must list the child’s name, age, place of residence, and attendance hours.

* Please Note: Written notification must be re-submitted to the school district each year the home school program is maintained after the initial year.

  • If the written notification is not submitted to the school district the student resides in, it is advisable to notify the residing school district as well to avoid truancy action.

RE-READ that last sentence a few times….IS there a Difference between ‘the school district the student resides in’ and ‘the residing school district’?

Taken from the above listed site:

  • What requirements or qualifications must I have to home school my child?

You must be the child’s parent, legal guardian or an adult relative designated by the parent. (22-33-104.5(3)(a), C.R.S.) No other qualifications or licenses are required.

NOTE: If your child is enrolled in a home school co-op program and those running the program will conduct an evaluation for educational progress, those teaching your child must be qualified. A qualified person means an individual who is selected by the parent of a child who is participating in a nonpublic, home-based educational program to evaluate such child’s progress and who is a teacher licensed pursuant to article 60.5 of this title, a teacher who is employed by an independent or parochial school, a licensed psychologist, or a person with a graduate degree in education. (22-33-104.5(2)(c), C.R.S.)

  • What are the requirements for attendance?

Your program shall include no less than 172 days of instruction, averaging four instructional contact hours per day. (22-33-104.5(3)(c), C.R.S.)

  • What subjects do I have to teach?

Your program shall include, but is not limited to communication skills of reading, writing and speaking, mathematics, history, civics, literature, science, and regular courses of instruction in the constitution of the United States. (22-33-104.5(3)(d), C.R.S.)

  • What kind of records do I have to keep?

Your records must include but are not limited to, attendance data, test and evaluation results, and immunization records. Such records may be requested by the school district that receives notification that the student is attending a home school program (22-33-104.5(3)(g), C.R.S.)

  • What kind of test is my child required to take? Who pays for it? Where do I get the test?

The student being home schooled must either take a nationally standardized achievement test when he/she reaches grades three, five, seven, nine, and eleven to evaluate academic progress, or a qualified person must evaluate the student’s academic progress at the parent’s expense. Contact an organization at Home School Resources, or check with the local school district to see if the student can be tested the same day public school students are tested. The district may charge you for any costs incurred.

It is the parent’s obligation to report the test or evaluation results to either the school district that receives the written notification for the home school student, or report the test or evaluation results to an independent or parochial school.

  • If the parent submitted the test or evaluation results to an independent or parochial school, the name of the school must be provided to the school district that receives written notification. (22-33-104.5(3)(f), C.R.S.)

NOTE: If your child is enrolled in a home school co-op program, it is still the parent’s obligation to report test/evaluation results to the school district.
For locations of testing, contact one of the organizations listed on the Home School Resources page.

  • Is my home schooled child required to take a state assessment test?

No. Home schooled students are required to take a nationally standardized test. However, if a parent or legal guardian requests it, a district shall permit a home schooled student to take the state assessment and provide the results of the assessment to the parent or legal guardian. The test is given only to home schooled students whose parents request that the child participate in the testing. (22-7-409 (III)(1.3)(b), C.R.S.)

  • Is there a state diploma or can my child earn one from the district?

There is no state diploma. District diplomas are presented only to students who have attended a public high school in the district. Some companies selling home schooling curricula offer a diploma at the completion of their program. A parent or guardian can purchase a diploma at an office supply store or make a diploma on a computer to present at the completion of the program. Home school programs are not accredited by the state of Colorado or local school districts.

  • Does my home schooled child have to take the GED?

No. The adult in charge of the program may graduate the student by simply issuing a diploma. However, taking the GED is an option
*As if homeschooling is not above nor on par with public education???

  • Is there any funding available for home schooling?

At the time of this update, there is no funding available.


The State asserts we parents are totally responsible for the education of our children when we decide to home school them, however there are a multitude of ‘MUSTS’ and “required”. WHY??

Since home schooling IS DE-REGULATED, WHY IS IT regulated?? Having MANY ‘requirements, regulations and laws, it is, in fact, regulated.

How is it we are required to maintain records, test the students bi-yearly, teach particular subjects, and have a set amount of hours imposed upon us even though we are non-public education?

How is it that we are subject to oversight by a public entity – actually more than one (the State, CDE and the local district office)? Why are we told which subjects we have to teach?

Why are we required to record attendance, and have to meet certain amount of hours? How is it that the homeschooled child can be charged with truancy?

Why are we having to have our students tested every other year by entities that are NOT responsible for the education of our children? Why are we required to report anything to public entities???

The State, district and governmental bodies have NO responsibility regarding our students education, as they state that the parents are TOTALLY responsible, YET they then dictate all these rules, regulations and laws affecting our choice to educate our children ourselves!!

The laws need to change. Since we are NON-PUBLIC, we need NOT be expected to fall under PUBLIC domain.

One of the main reasons parents choose to educate their own children is because the public system has failed miserably to actually educate our children. They graduate functionally illiterate children year after year. (As an employer, I consistently run into graduates who cannot properly fill out job applications, and cannot do simple math nor spell). The complaints are overwhelming: the children cannot do simple mathematics without a calculator; they know little to nothing about history; they cannot read effectively nor write; and know very little of the rules of grammar or penmanship. What they do get taught is a very slanted diatribe, consisting of acceptance of homosexuality, multiculturalism, and a steady degradation of family and faith values, which, according to the Congressional record of 1963, is a communistic agenda.

Publicly educated students are not fully instructed in the rules of spelling, composition or form, and know very little of critical analysis, nor many other needed skills. In essence, they are NOT getting an academic education- they are getting an indoctrination – to think and behave along a set mode governed by those who would undermine everything we value.

So WHY is it that the PUBLIC entities think they have any right to impose ANY rules, regulations or laws upon those who are assuring our children DO, in fact, get a solid and proper education?

The Public system is constantly throwing in our face about how they are the experts, and they get offended when we question their ability to educate. Yet, they seem to think that we should answer to them. WE pay for that system; WE have every right to question them- it’s not the other way around!!

We have asked no financing, nor anything else. We simply want our children to have a sound education- something the ‘system’ cannot manage to do, even though it is heavily funded on several fronts, and has an overload of alleged ‘experts’.

We parents who have chosen to educate our own children do NOT need a ‘babysitter’– especially ones from the PUBLIC sector who have repeatedly failed to do what we pay them to do. We, who have chosen to educate our children by alternative means, also need to be exempt from paying for public education, which would enable us to channel that money into our NON-PUBLIC educational needs. Why are we required to pay for something we are not using? By being required to pay for public education, we are forced to pay for two educational ‘systems’: Public and non-public.

We do not need to be ‘held accountable’ to anyone- we are assuring our children get the best education within our power. With the advent of the internet, and myriad of resources, the education our children are receiving at home far surpasses anything the ‘system’ could ever give our children. We do not need any public entity to mandate nor oversee what we are doing, order us to follow rules they impose upon us, nor force us to keep records of any sort. We do not fall within their domain; home schooling is not accredited by the public educational system, nor is it funded by public monies. So WHY do we ‘have to’ answer to ANY public entity?

Clearly, we need these laws, rules, regulations, requirements, and restrictions thrown out. NO public entity takes ANY responsibility for homeschooling- that is made clear by the State’s own declaration that homeschooling is NON-PUBLIC and is the full responsibility of the parent or legal guardian or other relative. Therefore, it is none of the State nor school district’s business.

Nothing about homeschooling is within the ‘public’ realm. It is NON-PUBLIC, not publicly funded, and therefore, all requirements set by these PUBLIC entities do NOT apply.

It is clearly the full responsibility of the family to make any and all decisions in regards to homeschooling. According to the State’ own documentation: the parent or guardian is taking on ALL of the responsibility for the student’s education including but not limited to the acquisition of books, supplies, tests, etc.

It is NOT up to the State or the district to impose anything upon the family. These PUBLIC entities are ‘not responsible’ for attendance, curriculum, testing, health, religious preference, funding, accreditation, diplomas, record keeping, assessments, reporting, nor notification of anything, as they have removed themselves from ALL said responsibilities. So WHY are we to answer to them??

Since they have removed themselves from ALL responsibilities, then they need to adhere by that and remove themselves. There is no obligation for anyone to oversee what the homeschooling family is doing, when, for how many hours, whether or not they have been immunized, what subjects are being taught, whether or not any tests are being administered and what said results might or might not be, nor whether any records are being kept- EVERYTHING about homeschooling falls within the family’s jurisdiction and is removed from the public jurisdiction completely, as it is NON-PUBLIC. Therefore, we parents need not be ‘held accountable’ to any public entity.

It would be prudent, therefore, for Colorado to join the other many states that have dropped these PUBLIC entities from dictating what homeschooling families are forced to do- these other states equal over a quarter of all states combined at this time, with many others soon to follow suit. With so many states recognizing that they do not have jurisdiction over the non-public sector, they have relieved the burden on families. They have recognized that home schooled students are generally more educated than their peers, and that families that have chosen to educate their young are, in fact, very responsible and able.

Colorado needs to stop being contrary to common sense, and recognize that the public sector has NO responsibility (by its own admission), obligation, nor right to ‘oversee’ anything it deems to be non-public. Our legislators and public educators need to recognize that homeschooling is far more successful and effective than the education given in the public sector – and that it would be even more so without the hindrance of public oversight and interference.

Please contact your appropriate representatives and request/demand that they draft and introduce appropriate legislation to remove the State and districts from imposing upon homeschooling families.

There need be no ‘requirement’ to report, file, test, record-keep, nor anything else. It is the family’s right to decide how and when to educate their children, and we are doing a superior job of it. The State and district’s need to step back and realize that the home schooled child is receiving a better education, and since no one but the family is paying for that education, all decisions need to be solely that of the family. We do not need any public entity levying unnecessary burdens, and we certainly do not need anyone supervising, nor demanding us to follow anything that is clearly not in the public realm of responsibility. They have removed themselves from said responsibility.

Note: To find out your State laws regarding home-schooling, the Home Schooling Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has a color-coded map on their website Here:


Do you remember when school districts first decided to have “School Resource Officers” on the school grounds? Do you recall how the district sold you the bill of goods that these officers were “necessary” in order to make sure drugs stayed out of students’ possession? And, later on, “to make sure things are not brought into the school that are inappropriate”? The searches at the school doors, then the metal detectors and scanners…then the ‘lock-downs’- all in the name of ‘safety’ for our children? Hmmm. Seems more like a prison scenario than a place of academic learning…

Odd how simple discipline has turned so far away from from effective means. Used to be that a ruler across the knuckles, writing the offending comment 100 times on the blackboard in front of everyone, or having to sit on a stool in the corner (complete with ‘dunce hat’), or even getting a paddling (they used an actual wide wooden thick paddle!) or the threat of a ‘parent conference’ from the principle was all it took to get students to behave appropriately. But now we have this:

Apparently it has been going on for quite awhile, too. Please DO check out the article and video. Hundreds of these incidents (and this is only covering 1990 through 2009), with 20 deaths have been reported. How many other incidents have gone on without the public being aware of it? Is this what we expect from officers who are to “serve and protect”? Is this what we expect from our school personnel?

Given the failing academic instruction, and this abuse- and, yes, that IS what it is- perhaps, we do not need further proof that the educational system has grossly failed. It is past time to take educating our children into our own hands.

Those who think they do not have the ‘smarts’ to home school their children need to remember that one only has to stay one step ahead of the student. Once the child learns to read, and do math without a calculator, and learns the rules of grammar and can write legibly, the rest will generally take care of itself once you add a spark.

People are imaginative and curious beings, and children are even more so. A healthy curiosity and imagination, coupled with an enthusiastic ‘teacher’ can guide a child into a lifetime love of learning.

You don’t have time? With all the available ways to make a decent income, and the added benefit of the internet, it seems odd to not be in charge of your own income, especially given the cuts in hours, wages not increasing in relation to cost of living, the lack of benefits that most workers have had cut off…well, the list goes on and on. Clearly, one could make time for their children and find a better way to provide income.

One has to re-evaluate priorities from time to time, and perhaps this – given what has happened with our public education system- is one of those times. Perhaps it is time we take our lives, and our children’s future into our own hands.

Think about this…Ben Franklin had 2 years of formal education (of course, back then the standard was higher); Thomas Edison had 3 months of formal education. George Washington had little to no formal education. Thomas Jefferson was studying Latin, Greek, and French at age 9. He later studied for 2 years, learning science, history and the classics while boarding with a minister. In fact, many of our most famous men and women had little formal education- but the desire to learn was instilled upon them, and they were not allergic to work. They became very successful- and very smart. Many became leaders, and all were well-respected and responsible, productive community members. How did they do that?

They invested in themselves and their families.

It is time for us to do just that.

It is extremely detrimental to us all to have this ‘purging of our military’ happening. It is happening at an unprecedented rate.

Clearly the communistic goals have been seeping in at an alarming rate
(see previous post ‘Scammed AGAIN’ and ‘NYC-headed to a war zone?’)

It is understandable that many think that it may well lead to the country revolting- but that is EXACTLY what the Communist Party wants us to do. They tell those who ‘accept’ the Party that violence is the ONLY way that they will achieve the ‘change’ they want(OWG).

Obviously, we must re-build America by the same methods the Party have
snuck in on us all in order to destroy America (and other nations, as well), and AVOID the violence!

Otherwise, the FEMA camps and UN takeover/communist takeover WILL get their way.

Use their very same strategy to reverse what has been going on – then we can get our strength back and send them packing. All of the following can be done in a minimal amount of time:

1) Re-educate the public
2) let them know we aren’t intimated by them and WOULD use atomic/nuclear military effort to sustain the US
3) ARM the people and teach them to use those arms effectively
4) stop all trade with communist countries
5) call all the loans in to any communist and any communist-sympathizer country
6) stop any and all aid to communist countries
7) leave the UN and get the UN removed from US soil
8) end arms negotiations
9) pass strong laws forbidding the communist agenda propaganda in this country (outlawing it permanently with heavy punishment levied)
10) close all military and patent information to them
11) do away with political parties (with a NO CONFIDENCE vote) and just have individuals running for office, and dis-allow any $ backing (allow only unbiased, uncontrolled media spewing what the runners are about as a public service)
12) get law of the land to stand above any tweaking of laws that has been used (the Party has been claiming it was a civil rights violation)
13) promote homeschooling and private education, and
14) outlaw any communist agenda propaganda in public schools/student newspapers,etc.
15) institute severe punishment for communist incited/supported riots
16) shut down all newspapers, media, motion pictures that adhere to communist agenda and promote small independent locally-owned media to replace it
17) tear down ugly art(replacing it with beautiful art)
18) remove all communists from controlling offices in all sectors
19) promote healthy and morally sound lifestyles and values (and punish deviant behavior)
20) support wholesome religion choice
21) definitely support the ideals of our Founding Fathers and the Constitution
22) make the real history of our nation a requirement in education
23) support individual nations inherent cultures (Stop pushing multi-culturalism and homogenization of peoples)
24) show the dangers of socialism and communism and promote individual strength
25) Cut all ties with the Rothschilds and their ilk, and send them packing
26) institute our own currency backed by something better than air
27) close the Federal Reserve Bank, audit them, give the money back to the people, and kick the FRB, IMF, etc. out of the country
28) close the borders and kick out all illegals after fining them for
breaking our laws
29) expose ‘American Corporations’ owned by foreigners, and
force them out
30) re-instate all military officers that have been ‘dismissed’ because of political agenda
31) re-build our military strength and arsenals. and build new and strong ships and other needed equipment and weaponry
32) replace all communist controlled offices within our government, our museums, our ‘social services’, industries, and unions, etc.
33) eliminate socialist programs
34) remove psychology and their psuedo ‘professionals’ and send them packing
35) re-vamp the EPA, FDA, etc- repeal Codex, assuring all products will do no harm
36) promote family, self-reliance, small business, small farming, individual and state’s rights

Other countries would follow suit once we’ve acted. Oh, and disarm them-
even if we have to blow them sky-high to accomplish that.

We do NOT have to engage in a ‘violent’ revolution to accomplish this- we can do it
as stealthily as they have- THAT would really get to them, to NOT fall into
their trap.
They want nothing more than to engage us in a war amongst ourselves.

We can do this most effectively by re-instituting our values and forbidding theirs, clean house, so to speak, and once they are out, blow their ‘military might’ to kingdom come.
Strict border control afterwards, with thorough background checks done by those
who value America for it’s Liberty.

They are too well positioned to fight in a revolution, as they have
been infiltrating and stashing weapons for many years.

Remember how and why communism introduced and what results these controllers had in mind by doing so. (see links on earlier post entitled ‘NYC- heading to a war zone?’)

We must just take over from the inside out- just like they did. Non-violently.

The definition of scammed is to be deceived, defrauded, swindled – often by manipulation or trickery. Perhaps we are far more manipulated than we’d like to believe.

Yes, we know about the marketing strategies used commonly to get us to buy products. How many are aware of the mass manipulation to get us to believe and behave in a certain way? If the truth were exposed, would we still think that these cultural and societal changes were due to our own
‘independent’ choices?
Let’s see.
Webmaster Forest Glen Durland located a document quoted in the book mentioned below at a library. The document is now over half a century old. He lists his sources as:

Microfilm: California State University at San Jose Clark Library, Government Floor Phone (408)924-2770 Microfilm Call Number: J 11.R5

Congressional Record, Vol. 109 88th Congress, 1st Session Appendix Pages A1-A2842 Jan. 9-May 7, 1963 Reel 12

Please PAY ATTENTION to how much of this agenda has already been pushed into our lives.

The following is an excerpt from the book written by Cleon Skousen, outlining 45 goals which found their way into the halls of the United States Capitol in 1963, and are now part of the Congressional Record (see details following). These are the listed goals :

1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.

2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war.

3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.

4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.

5. Extension of long-term loans to Russia and Soviet satellites.

6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination.

7. Grant recognition of Red China. Admission of Red China to the U.N.

8. Set up East and West Germany as separate states in spite of Khrushchev’s promise in 1955 to settle the German question by free elections under supervision of the U.N.

9. Prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because the United States has agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations are in progress.

10. Allow all Soviet satellites individual representation in the U.N.

11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.)

12. Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.

13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.

14. Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent Office.

15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.

21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”

28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.

34. Eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

35. Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.

36. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.

37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].

39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use [“]united force[“] to solve economic, political or social problems.

43. Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.

44. Internationalize the Panama Canal.

45. Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction [over domestic problems. Give the World Court jurisdiction] over nations and individuals alike.

Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963

About the Book:
The Naked Communist
Author W. Cleon Skousen
Country United States
Language English
Genre Non-fiction
Published 1958, 2014 (Ensign Publishing Company)
Pages 412
ISBN 978-1630720612
Dewey Decimal 335.4 22
LC Class HX44 .S5585 2009

Please Note the Date of his book…1958
Further investigation will turn up dates in the early 1940’s. So for over a half a century, we have been duped into thinking we are making independent choices, when, in fact, most of the choices we have made- multiculturalism, trade and commerce, toleration of sexual deviation, etc. – was ALL part of a plan to MAKE us turn our backs on liberty and freedom and accept a COMMUNISTIC ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT!
The ultimate plan will undo all these false securities they have set into motion, so NO, things will NOT be better if we keep accepting these forced changes.

And they are forced changes. Any time one is scammed, they are forced by manipulation and trickery into doing something that is not in their best interest. They are deceived, defrauded, swindled. Fleeced.

Is THIS the direction we REALLY WANT to be pushed? OR shall we re-claim our individual and national pride, and culture? Shall we pull our heads from the fog of manipulation and assert our own free-will choices and reclaim our independence and freedom?

Perhaps it is time to OUST the scammers, assert our liberty, and safeguard all our, and our children’s, future.

Should we decide to rid ourselves of these parasites, we must do so peaceably, since reacting with violence is just what these oppressors would want us to do. They came amongst us in guise; let us remove them likewise.

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