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Many of us have fallen prey to manipulation of our emotions by those who wish to gain control over our lives. But, have you ever noticed the similarities between the behavior of abusive people and the patterns presented by the media?

First they get your attention, either by charm or alarm. Then, they pick times when you want harmony and peace- particularly any holidays- to be totally disruptive and stressful. After thoroughly exhausting you, they then act as if nothing had happened whatsoever. And they are always critical of you, as if you are the crazy one.

The main thing that these two invading factions have in common is the desire to manipulate your emotional state, ultimately controlling your behavior. They study what triggers certain responses, and play those buttons with incredible deftness- all the while claiming that they are there to assist you.

Another tactic used by them is to keep you isolated from either your own network of friends and family, or from any alternative source that may present any possible truth. They only want you to see what they want you to see. All else is gradually cut off until they have your full attention. They are so good at this scheme that they are able to get you to defend what they do.

The name of the game is control. It is the behavior of psychopaths. They will continue their game until you are totally destroyed, or at least, gravely affected. Why do they do it? They do it because, in their view, it empowers them. When they are finished, they go on to their next ‘victim’.

You might ask how the media goes from victim to victim. Once people started reading other people’s perspectives on the internet years ago, instead of just relying on TV, magazines and newspapers, people started to realize that many other people felt the same way about things, and realized that what the media was presenting was not necessarily what was actually going on. People started to see that they had been lead to believe things that just were not factual. So, the people who run the media started to embed subliminal messaging into various forms of media- videos, musical formats, etc. They had already started slanting information in children’s textbooks many years ago, so the leap to other formats was not so very difficult. They also coordinated ‘news’ from other countries in an attempt to dupe huge masses of people.

Unfortunately for them, many people everywhere began to realize that they were being manipulated. Those who realized this began to let others know, and started forming their own methods of spreading truth and reason. What has happened since is rather interesting. They have come out with technological devices that ‘read’ your emotions. Supposedly, these devices are “designed to help you”…while actually giving them more data to utilize in order to further manipulate you. They do not give up easily. To them, controlling others is paramount.

These ‘technological advances’ are no different than the abusive boyfriend who gives you ‘gifts’, sometimes even as an alleged, albeit unstated, apology. They use your responses to further manipulate you. A similar means the news media utilizes is ‘trivial’ news – to ‘make up’ for traumatizing you. These are methods these abusers employ to calm you down after stressing you out. It is designed to suck you back in, so they can continue using these debilitating patterns on you. Every round of these patterns further weakens you.

However, if you maintain any strength throughout these plays on your emotional state, it thoroughly frustrates them. They tend to get more intense than usual whenever you show signs of strength and independence. They simply cannot handle it if you do not get entrapped by their schemes. If you show any sign of independence, then they bring a crisis to your doorstep as soon as possible.

These patterns go on and on, season after season, year after year, until we are so totally fed up with the behavior that we either cut all ties with them, or we end up totally and forever numbed, lost, trapped, resigned. This is exactly the state of mind they are hoping you will end up in, leaving them in total control of your emotions.

The only way out is to cut off all ties. You cannot change them. However, you can change what and who you let into your life. You won’t be missing out on any news- others will always tell you ‘what is going on’, even if you don’t want to know.

The similarities of behavior between the media and the behavior of abusive people can entrap you. Their goal is to control your emotional state. Ridding yourself of these psychopathic invaders will give you the peaceful, calm environment necessary to discern what is best for you, what to believe, and also enable you to decide on, and live, the kind of life you really want to be living.

We need to stop all this nonsense about ‘Hate Crimes’- there are no hate crimes, really. Why say that? Because we don’t necessarily hate a group of people- we DO hate what some individuals DO, and that has nothing to do with the color of their skin, their ethnic background, their religion, or whatever else the ‘victims’ are trying to claim.
That’s right. We hate what you DO. That is an entirely different bird than hating YOU.

Hating what someone does is not hating the individual, nor the group. It is hating a deed, an action.

So why do we have laws against ‘hate crimes’? Because those who are doing despicable actions want to feel protected. In order to be protected, they first have to claim they are being victimized. That’s right. They want to play victim.

Guess what? No one is a victim. We get into situations that may hurt or harm us because of our own choices.

Sometimes we think we are a victim. Someone broke into our house, or someone hit us, or many other instances. However, we always have a choice. We can safeguard our house; we can not associate with people who are abusive; we can make sure to travel safely. These are all our own personal choices and/or risks, just as they are should we choose not to take a safer route in life.

Some may think they hate entire groups, however that is usually because they were taught to do so. Many of us are raised to hate the same things our friends and/or families hate, without ever figuring out why.

For example, one might say, “I hate Mexicans”, yet what they really may mean is that they hate so many of them coming across the borders illegally, taking advantage of the welfare system, sending all their money home to send for more to come across illegally, taking our jobs for less money, thereby putting us into low-pay part-time jobs or impregnating our naïve young women so that they can stay because now they have an anchor baby. One hates the actions taken by swarms of individuals who have come here illegally- individual actions.

They hate the fact that they can’t go to any country illegally (not that they would even consider doing so in the first place); they hate that it is their hard (and legally) earned money supporting so many individuals who have no respect for our immigration laws;

They hate the fact that these individuals play the ‘I don’t speak English’ card at every opportunity knowing that Mexico has taught English in their schools for over a half a century. They hate that these individuals have forced bi-lingual labeling and bi-lingual news articles, and bi-lingual darn near everything. That’s not very fair to all the other languages out there, and it certainly isn’t fair to those who are citizens here.

They hate the ‘oppressed and poor’ card these individuals play. They hate the fact that they ‘borrow’ each others children so more welfare benefits and food at food banks can be obtained. They hate the fact that these individuals don’t go home and fix their own country’s problems, instead of trying to infest ours so they can ‘take it back’.

They hate the gang wars with our citizens, and they hate their arrogant, obnoxious attitudes, and their throwing insults at them at every opportunity.

All the things they hate are individual acts done by individuals. Those who do those acts do NOT represent ALL people of their nation/race/group. There are many Mexicans who do not act that way. There are many who come here legally, work hard, contribute, speak the language commonly spoken, become citizens, and support their families on their own and get along with their neighbors. There are, also, many individuals who stay in their own country and work hard to fix their own problems there.

Those that are respectful in turn get respect. Those that are abusive and whose actions reflect hate and/or victimization, are not respected. Their actions are hated, and rightfully so.

It is no different with the Jews. It is no different with the Muslims. It is no different with the ‘sexually liberated community'(btw, no one wants to know about your particular sexual preference, and just because it is different than the norm doesn’t entitle you to anything). It is no different with any person from any background, country, ethnic nor religious group. Each person is ultimately responsible for their own actions.

You reap what you sow. You get back what you put out.

Rule #1: Treat people the way that you, in your heart, want to be treated. And don’t force your crap on everyone else.

We don’t need any law to protect individuals who want to play victim. There are no victims. All choices we make are our own, and no one else’s. We are always responsible for our own choices and the consequences of those choices.

Yes, there are groups of people who want to do harm, or force their views on us- let’s say the Communists, or Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Islamic or whoever happens to be in the current limelight- It is because they have been duped into thinking that revolution and fighting and destruction will bring about a utopian-type society where all is equal. They do not realize that the entire doctrine they bought was a scam. They do not realize that the ones who set up the ideology were deliberately trying to cause division and unrest, so as to eventually furnish both ‘sides’ with weapons and start fights, so they could profit and have people destroy themselves. The ones responsible for these actions even went so far as to alter ‘sacred’ documents condoning wiping out any others who did not adhere to their various beliefs. These are individual acts, done by individuals.

Yes, there are individuals who have done exactly that- they have taken over and control many governments, banks, media, commodities and products- they have started wars. They are INDIVIDUAL ACTS done by individuals. We don’t like any of it. We hate it, in fact.

These particular individuals adopted a religion, and have thereby done damage to all other individuals sharing that religion. Need we hate all those people, or need we only hate the actions of particular individuals? Do we not have a duty to enlighten others regarding the fact that we were all duped in one way or another by these individuals?

Those particular people chose to act in a way that was devastating to others, and will have to deal with the consequences of their choices.

Meanwhile, let us not buy into the ‘hate crime’ ruse. Realize that every act is done by individuals, and it is the negative actions we hate, and not necessarily the misguided person(s) doing those actions.

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