Received this today:

From a Vietnam Veteran friend.  Make sure to view the picture and read the words.

To all: For those few in the NFL that thought their protest was more important than the honoring all those lost in 9/11, I wish they could see this photo; it might make them realize just how “lucky” playing in the NFL is. They might also realize that there are better ways to make people aware of their issues than “basically” refusing to stand when the “National Anthem” is played before their game.

Yesterday was a day the whole Nation came together to remember that tragic day of 15 years ago. Patriot’s Day (9/11) is to honor all those that have given their lives, and those that have given limbs and mental sacrifices for our Nation. It is not a day for political protests and words of hatred towards police officers, blaming them for the unfair treatment of people of color. It is a day for our Nation to mourn as Americans, and to leave political and racism at rest for at least such a somber occasion.