In case you hadn’t been informed of this jewel:
THIS is how 50,000 Muslims a year get residency in the USA.

In the last 11 years, 5,500,000 Muslims have entered our country.

The immigration department that is running this, has decided that there are too many white europeans and black africans, and that our country is underrepresented by the middle east.

So they made a program, SITUATED IN KENTUCKY, of all places, to allow Muslims from middle east countries to apply ONLINE, with only a local background check from their local police dept. (which for most, that is NOT what they call that dept.), and have a career, or agree to go to college in the USA for a career. Then, these names are put on a list.. and the names are spun like in a lotto, and 50,000 Muslims are given residency status. They also must have someone already IN the USA that lives here who will represent them . THIS PERSON is a Muslim from earlier lotto’s.

GOOGLE this if you don’t believe it is true…

How is this a good thing for America?

Now if we, as a nation of people, stand up and email our senators and representatives and say END THE MIDDLE EAST MUSLIM IMMIGRATION LOTTERY….will they actually stop this lottery?