Let’s see what these immigrants are up to, shall we?

Written  and posted (Jan. 16, 2015 at http://madworldnews.com/muslim-no-go-zones/ ) by  Journalist Brandon Walker, the following article was received via e-mail from a veteran earlier this year:


What makes anyone think Holder or the DOJ is going to do anything to upset the Islamic Apple Cart?


Muslim “No Go Zones” Already Established In U.S., DOJ Knows & Does Nothing

Muslim "No Go Zones" Already Established In US, DOJ Knows And Does Nothing

We have seen and heard of the Muslim “no go zones” in France (pictured above) and other areas of Europe, but did you know there are Muslim “no go zones” already established in the United States? Now, you may be wondering why no one has contacted the Department of Justice. The DOJ already knows these zones are here, but they have done nothing about them.

On January 15, PBS Newshour ran a story that homegrown terrorism worries North American analysts  in the US and Canada. Even ABC is covering the threat of homegrown terrorists, saying it is very real. Members of Congress are stating that it is not a matter of if we will have another terrorist attack on our soil, it’s when. Even the DOJ is warning that attacks are coming. Perhaps they have known all along.

As we covered in the story we broke about the 22 Jihad training camps in the U.S., there are Muslims of America (MOA) right here on U.S. soil. More accurately they are Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a Pakastan Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda related branch. There are 35 compounds in the United States, 22 of which are confirmed in 9 different states as listed by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) documents that state they have been concerned about them since 1991.

The FBI can not act because the President Obama and the Department of Homeland Security will not classify MOA, with known ties for decades to Jamaat ul-Fuqra, as a Foreign Terrorist Organization despite a mountain of evidence. Even more disturbing, there is evidence that some Homeland Security and law enforcement officials belong to these compounds.

Muslim "No Go Zones" Already Established In US, DOJ Knows And Does Nothing

Martin Mawyer, president of the Christian Action Network, knows first hand what happens when you try to approach these compounds as a member of the press.

They are not the only ones snubbed or attacked. Ironically, members of the press, Christians, and infidels get better treatment and more freedom of the press in the European “no go zones” than the ones established by MOA right here in the land of the First Amendment. In Europe, they allow discussion, and you can walk in and talk to people. It is obviously not suggested to walk into them and carry signs insulting Muhammad.

However, approach one of the compounds in the United States with a camera and you will be met by force. If you call them for comment, they refuse to respond.

It is not like the violence and the training is not known. In April 2012, Heritage Foundation released information on fifty terrorist plots stemming from MOA since 9/11. They became one of the first organizations to track thwarted terrorist attacks against the United States. When they started tracking the attacks in 2007, there were 19 foiled attacks that year alone.

In 2009, Christian Action Network actually got possession of and released a training video from Hancock, New York.

MOA sued Christian Action Network over the release of the video and attacked one of their cameramen. The judge subsequently dismissed the lawsuit.

Martin Mawyer also released the book  Twilight In America. Muslims of America sued again over the release of the book. The lawsuit was dismissed by a federal judge in April, though leaders of MOA have asked the court to reconsider its dismissal. A ruling is expected later this month.

Law Enforcement Today chronicled the camps in 2012 and the danger they pose.

More than 90 percent of the women are on state benefits, Aziz claims, with a portion of this money going back to Sheikh Gilani in Pakistan. “They have so many kids,” he said of the women. “Eight kids. Nine kids. They have to raise them and they don’t have a lot.”

Not a lot of money. Not a lot of housing. Frequent brutality from their husbands. And a lot of kids. That’s a woman’s fate on the camps. (Law Enforcement Today)

What Pamela Geller uncovered for WND makes the situation in the compounds a scenario that would have made the 1930’s Chicago Mafia envious. Members have become local law enforcement officers in Texas, New York, and Virginia around these compounds as well as others.

Problems with the U.S. immigration system pose addition risks. The Center for Immigration Studies recorded 41.3 million immigrants from July 2010 to July 2013 into the United States.

The nation’s immigrant population (legal and illegal) hit a record 41.3 million in July 2013, an increase of 1.4 million since July 2010. Since 2000 the immigrant population is up 10.2 million. (Center for Immigration Studies)

The FBI and DOJ tracks them as best they can, but as seen by the flood of the illegal “children” last year, they will get bus tickets to anywhere in the country and Immigration and Customs Enforcement are not able to track them. For the Muslim immigrants among them, these compounds give them the perfect location to go and train for attacks on the American public.

If you worry about the establishment of these “no go zones” in the United States, they are already here. The question should be for a nation that believes in freedom of the press, free speech, and the US Constitution, why are they allowed to exist?”

 Journalist Brandon Walker

NOTE: Although Obama claimed he was a Christian during the election, tapes were later made public that  showed Obama speaking to a  Muslim group and ‘stating’ that he was  raised a Muslim, was  educated as a Muslim, and is still a Muslim. Bear in mind, Obama previously had made this statement in his book Audacity of Hope, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”