False hope…Again

Until recently, it was thought that Trump might actually be for the American people. Like most wealthy people, it seemed as if there must be some tie with the International Bankers, however, finding out the details has been a bit of a challenge. The International Bankers are quite good at burying trails whenever necessary.

What the People hoped would be someone who might actually expel the Federal Reserve and the U. N. from U. S. soil is now looking like that will not happen. As it turns out, Trump has an obvious tie to the Rothschild/Rockefeller dynasty that dates back to his rise and prominence.

You can find the article here:

Les intérêts Rothschild derrière Donald Trump

Even though he cut his tie with the RI when the bankruptcy scenario happened, that does not mean that these unscrupulous characters still cannot make or break a man in his position. There is no way that The Donald will go up against them. He has too much at stake to cross them. Trump has already mentioned that they are not very nice people.

The election, just like all the others for a very, very long time, is rigged. The winner was chosen before it ever began, and make no mistake, this pattern has adversely affected this nation for far too long. The media has fed us another series of Red Herrings, attempting to divert our attention away from the fact that, yes, this election too, was rigged from the gate. We’re being offered nothing but false hope- again.
When FOX news ‘inadvertently’ let fly election results in N.H. before the voting had actually happened threw up a huge red flag, once again confirming the corruption of American elections. Clearly, even if a man finances his own campaign, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t owe certain parties favors.

So here we are at the crossroads. Do we allow this to happen again? Or do we stand for our Constitution, arrest these criminals, and re-examine how to clear up all the forked-tongue legislative actions that have rendered our Law of the Land practically moot? Do we really need to take on this corruption and make the needed changes so that it is no longer possible for this debacle to ever happen again? Most assuredly, yes- and it IS OUR responsibility and duty to do so.

Can this be handled in a way that is not reminiscent of Russia in 1917? Yes. It involves getting a tad bit more organized than we are at present. Think. Our forefathers were able to do so by setting up means of communicating with each other, and carrying out what needed to be done, albeit a bit more radically than what most of us would prefer. IS there another way to accomplish the same without bloodshed? Yes. Think really hard.

THINK. Really, REALLY hard. If it was needed to round up offenders without them suspecting that that was what you were doing, how would it be accomplished?
One has to be smarter than what they are working with….

There is no doubt that the People who are aware of the mess can come up with a peaceful and effective means for cleaning house. Bear in mind that the country still needs leadership on every level, so start figuring out which ‘common joes/jills’ are appropriate to carry on in the needed capacities, and make sure they are thoroughly, thoroughly vetted.

There is not one single candidate that doesn’t have dirt sullying their prospective goals for America at the moment. Very unfortunate situation.                                           Not one we can’t handle, however.
If we do nothing- except vote- we will get exactly what the international bankers want- and much sooner than we think. Here’s the choices: Fascism, Communism, or Socialism- all of which lead to the same tragic end- a country, once free, falls under a dictatorship in short order. Read your history of the events that took place all over the world. Find old and/or foreign news sources, and you will see the pattern. You will see that that is where we are headed…and we are headed there on the Fast-Track.

These power players have had a goal of running the entire world for a very long time. They are skilled at creating crisis situations, and then offering up solutions.  But the solutions are never for our true benefit. They have managed for centuries to make sure that they benefit, and profit, from their psuedo-solutions. Let us prevent that from happening, and make sure it can never happen again. We can outlaw what they do to prevent any further damage.

We have but one choice. We cannot sustain another False Hope election. We must oust these perpetrators, and we must thoroughly vet any and all who replace them. We must be courageous and act with diligence. We cannot say, “Well, I’m too old to do battle”, “I’m going to leave that to the next generation”. We cannot wait for their own arrogance to implode upon them and what they are doing.

We are all in this together, like it or not. If you value freedom, and value having rights, it is time to deal with this. We must rely on each other to do the right thing. How long are going to be laughed at by these want-to-be dictators?

Trump appeared to be a hope for people- but the truth is- he was bought and sold years ago. Only WE can save us from the destructive forces surrounding us.
There is NO ONE – NO ONE who is going to revive this country if WE do not do it ourselves.

WE are the Republic of the unites States of America. Let us do our duty and protect ourselves forever from the creeping leaches who would see us undone. Let us stand together and do what we need to do.