For those hoping to see a Trump victory, you might want to be aware of the following (written by a person named Eleanor who wished others be alerted of this) information:

Liberals are sneaky and can’t be trusted, so don’t get too confident. Trump HAS to win by a landslide. Lindsey Graham has dropped out, but that’s not to say he’s not still fighting Trump – behind the scenes – or Trump’s back!! The liberals are at it again, Trumpsters, along with the dirty GOP and other oath-breaking RINO politicians.. ALL TRUMP FANS NEED TO BE AWARE OF THIS **** The negative ads against Trump, all the ads for Bush paid for by the PAC Pimps, all of the hype by the media that Hillary can beat Trump, all the GOP candidates staying in the race with single digit % numbers, all the low polling GOP Candidates spewing negative comments about Trump, the media constantly bringing the low polling candidates on air to comment on anything and everything…..this is all a plan by the GOP Establishment to keep Trumps percentages below 50% in every state. This will allow the GOP establishment the opportunity to hand pick who the delegates will go to at the GOP National Convention even if Trump wins the popular vote. All popular votes must come in above the 50% mark in every state which will prevent the GOP from assigning that states delegates to whomever they want. Why do you think Jeb Bush keeps saying that Trump isn’t going to win the nomination? It is because he is in on this GOP Conspiracy to keep Trump from getting the GOP nomination. Bush is pretty sure that Trump will not make the 50% mark and already knows that those delegates will go to him making him the nominee. WAKE UP TRUMP SUPPORTERS AND SPREAD THIS TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE!!!!! This is sickening and no one is talking about it..the media isn’t talking about it, the GOP is banking no one starts talking about it. VOTE VOTE VOTE FOR TRUMP. Keep the GOP from bringing him down right before the National Convention. The GOP is banking on the Trump supporters not getting wind of this. They are banking on this so that after the primary elections are over it will be too late for us to do anything about it. They literally do not care if Hillary gets into office as all of them are sleeping together and are terrified if Trump gets into office all of their gravy trains will disappear. Obamacare, the Trade Agreement, Common Core all things that are making the PAC Pimps LOTS OF MONEY!! It is up to Trump Supporters to start to bring this to the forefront. The media never will as they are part of the PAC Pimps. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!! FOR TRUMP!!! The oath-breaking GOP does not care if anyone runs 3rd party because they do not care if Hillary wins. If Trump runs 3rd party and loses and causes Hillary to win, the GOP doesn’t care. The GOP will take Hillary over Trump.” (Either way, they’d still get to ride their gravy trains – at the taxpayers expense. They intend for Trump to lose, using every foul trick they can come up with.)”


There has been recent articles about how both John Kasich and the Club for Growth were ‘launching a series of ads to make Trump look bad- the goal is to get Trump voters to not vote at all’. Sounds like these people are desperate to keep the status quo- and recognize that the American public has had enough of their abuse, which make a Trump victory a real threat to the ‘business as usual’ political landscape.

Bear in mind that it wouldn’t be the first time cheating has occurred in an election…so anyone weary of the ‘same old, same old’ needs to be extremely diligent in forcing these political leeches to be held accountable.

So any who want Trump to win must fully engage in getting votes, and in letting others know there is vicious skullduggery at work to bring Trump down. Pressure must be brought heavily if you want him nominated by the GOP.


This IS the season of miracles…

Have a Blessed Christmas!

and for those who do not celebrate Christmas…Have a Great holiday season!