We all hear it from nearly everyone we encounter. Everyone’s fed up that has an ounce of awareness. Yet, even though there’s lots of information available to remedy our situation, if we fail to utilize it to our advantage, what good is it to us?

Yes, we can publish or read information about new technologies- cars that run on water, electricity that can be had abundantly for virtually free, healing through alternative means for little to no cost – and we can publish or read articles about what is going on, how we were duped, and the plan for our total submission by those who wish to control. We can publish or read articles on how to make a fire from rock, how to grow and forage life-giving foods, how to live in comfort without compromising. We can publish or read articles on how to provide all our needs without having an employer, how to profit from doing what we love, and how to live without utilizing the monetary system.

Yet, how many of us will actually act on that information? How many are willing to create a better life? How many are willing to fully engage with our families and communities, educate our young, and learn new skills? How many are willing to uphold the right to be free?

Commonly, we think that we have to ‘get ready’, that there’s a period of time needed to brace ourselves for changing our lives. We are great at putting things off- until it’s more convenient. Yet, we are quite skilled in complaining about the miserableness of our situation.

What is it going to take for you to walk away from that job? How long do you think you will stay subjected to things pushed on you as being ‘normal’, yet, you know, in your heart, that they just are not quite right? You know you can do better for yourself. You know you are the only person who truly understands what you need.

Are you waiting to get ‘permission’? You know you WILL get crumbs for all your efforts. You know you WILL get lies, more ‘taxes’, ‘fines’, deception, less healthy foods, less time for yourself, less security, less privacy, less freedom. So what ARE you waiting for?

We DO outnumber those who wish to oppress us by a HUGE margin- yet we continue to allow them to box us in, and use us. The abuse is unprecedented, yet we somehow think we will ‘change’ the way things are by virtually doing nothing save complaining.

The ‘squeaky wheel’ theory only works if the wheel is needed. (In case you are unaware of the old adage, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”). But ONLY if the wheel is NEEDED. If there are too many wheels, do you think the oil will come? Right now, according to the belief of our oppressors, there are far too many wheels.

Will you be heard if being heard is useless?

There is only one way to stop the madness that we have been subjected to all these many years. We must rely upon ourselves.

Can you trust those you’ve been paying to represent your interests? Have those people actually done what is best for you, or have you compromised, having been ‘convinced’ that a course less desirable was the ‘only way’? Have you ever been allowed to see a full accounting of where all your ‘taxes’ are spent?

How often have you written and called your representatives? How many of those times have culminated in them following your advice? Or have they, most of the time, voted opposite to your best interest on critical issues?

How many times have you voted, and spoken to others and found they all voted the same, and yet we find someone else entirely in office? How many times, in the back of your mind, have you doubted the legitimacy of how they got into office?

How many times have you gone to the store, only to find the brands you wanted are no longer available? How many times have you seen the prices increase for products you need? How many pay raises did you get during that same period of time? How many things have you had to give up doing, or buying, just in the last ten years?

What is it going to take for you to act?
What motivates you? Is it just that you need to make the house payment/rent/utilities that makes you go to work daily? What if there was a better way to accomplish all that?

If you were informed of another means of living that allowed you to do what you wanted and still pay for your obligations, would you quit your job and do it?

Has it ever occurred to you that working 50 out of 52 weeks is a bit slanted toward the advantage of someone else? How much time do the corporate officers put in working compared to you? What if you worked 26 weeks out of 52? If you had 6 months a year to yourself, and were still able to live comfortably, what would you do with that time?

Are you interested and willing to learn new skills? Or do you think that what you are doing right now is the only thing you are capable of ever doing? How much time in a week do you devote to learning new things? How many times have you said, “when I get time…” Who is actually in charge of your time?

Is the real reason we have put off taking things into our own hands because….we are intimidated?
Afraid of botching it up, afraid we are unable, afraid we may fail? Afraid that it would take up too much of our time? Afraid we are unskilled? Afraid it will be less comfortable and/or convenient? Afraid we would have to interact with too many people? Afraid that we lack knowledge? Afraid that we lack courage? Afraid of being ‘in charge’, as opposed to being told what to do all the time? Maybe we are afraid of ALL of that, and more…

What are we going to do to dissolve those fears? Are we going to wait until we have completely succumbed to oppression? Do we have to feel completely helpless, completely angry, completely used up before we act? Or are we planning on just giving up and giving in to oppression? Do you really want to be controlled in all you do all of the time?

What would you do if you found out that you had the innate ability to create… if you could create anything? What would you do if you found out that you could change the weather, change any substance into something good and healthy, just by thinking? What if you found out that this ability had been deliberately hidden from you- and your ancestors- for centuries? What would you do with that ability?

How would you feel if you found out that everything you had always believed in was all based on a well-orchestrated lie to get you to do what an oppressor wanted you to do? How would you feel if you found out that this had been going on for centuries? What would you do about it?

These are all questions we need ask ourselves. We need to ascertain whether we are ready to take control of our lives, and how best to work everything so it is to our advantage, and the advantage of our home (planet). We need to figure out if we are just going to stay on the path to our own self-destruction…Or, if we are actually going to put into motion all our hopes and dreams.  What say you, friend?



IMAGINE….how wonderful Life can be! Let us set a new paradigm in motion… starting NOW!