Looks like we are now in more danger than imaginable, thanks to Obama’s recent ‘deal’ with Iran. Here’s Iran’s take on the deal:

WHY would anyone make such a deal? Must be they want to see the total destruction of America. Is that what he meant when he claimed he was going to change the U.S.?

And what about our men being held hostage there? Obama is just writing them off??!! There’s something very, very wrong about just leaving them there at the ‘mercy’ of their captors! We all know what will happen to them. How could such a deal ever be struck?

It also makes one wonder who’ll be first on their list…Israel or the U.S.

Seems it fits impeachable crimes, as it clearly is aiding and abetting an enemy of the U.S.

Add to that the recent change in the swearing in of new citizens- they no longer have to pledge to defend America if it goes against their religion or conscience. Do you have any idea of how many millions of Muslims have come here since Obama has been in office? Whose side do you think they will fight on should we get into having to defend ourselves from a Middle East adversary?

Please write to your reps and demand impeachment- before we do not have a country at all.