Do you remember when school districts first decided to have “School Resource Officers” on the school grounds? Do you recall how the district sold you the bill of goods that these officers were “necessary” in order to make sure drugs stayed out of students’ possession? And, later on, “to make sure things are not brought into the school that are inappropriate”? The searches at the school doors, then the metal detectors and scanners…then the ‘lock-downs’- all in the name of ‘safety’ for our children? Hmmm. Seems more like a prison scenario than a place of academic learning…

Odd how simple discipline has turned so far away from from effective means. Used to be that a ruler across the knuckles, writing the offending comment 100 times on the blackboard in front of everyone, or having to sit on a stool in the corner (complete with ‘dunce hat’), or even getting a paddling (they used an actual wide wooden thick paddle!) or the threat of a ‘parent conference’ from the principle was all it took to get students to behave appropriately. But now we have this:

Apparently it has been going on for quite awhile, too. Please DO check out the article and video. Hundreds of these incidents (and this is only covering 1990 through 2009), with 20 deaths have been reported. How many other incidents have gone on without the public being aware of it? Is this what we expect from officers who are to “serve and protect”? Is this what we expect from our school personnel?

Given the failing academic instruction, and this abuse- and, yes, that IS what it is- perhaps, we do not need further proof that the educational system has grossly failed. It is past time to take educating our children into our own hands.

Those who think they do not have the ‘smarts’ to home school their children need to remember that one only has to stay one step ahead of the student. Once the child learns to read, and do math without a calculator, and learns the rules of grammar and can write legibly, the rest will generally take care of itself once you add a spark.

People are imaginative and curious beings, and children are even more so. A healthy curiosity and imagination, coupled with an enthusiastic ‘teacher’ can guide a child into a lifetime love of learning.

You don’t have time? With all the available ways to make a decent income, and the added benefit of the internet, it seems odd to not be in charge of your own income, especially given the cuts in hours, wages not increasing in relation to cost of living, the lack of benefits that most workers have had cut off…well, the list goes on and on. Clearly, one could make time for their children and find a better way to provide income.

One has to re-evaluate priorities from time to time, and perhaps this – given what has happened with our public education system- is one of those times. Perhaps it is time we take our lives, and our children’s future into our own hands.

Think about this…Ben Franklin had 2 years of formal education (of course, back then the standard was higher); Thomas Edison had 3 months of formal education. George Washington had little to no formal education. Thomas Jefferson was studying Latin, Greek, and French at age 9. He later studied for 2 years, learning science, history and the classics while boarding with a minister. In fact, many of our most famous men and women had little formal education- but the desire to learn was instilled upon them, and they were not allergic to work. They became very successful- and very smart. Many became leaders, and all were well-respected and responsible, productive community members. How did they do that?

They invested in themselves and their families.

It is time for us to do just that.