City of Albert lea, Minnesota
photo available from London Independent Online Newspaper, July 6, 2015

Just read about a firefighter- you know, those people who save lives in America – being suspended for flying a Confederate flag during the Independence Day celebration in Minnesota…was this person insulting America? NO. “What?’, you say.

The facts of our country’s history tell a different story than most have been taught by those controlling the media and the public school system. “What?”, you say.

You see, Lincoln- our supposedly ‘Honest Abe’- was financed and PUT into office by those who wanted to expand their control. Oh yes. And those folks wanted to build a railroad system running East to West (Lincoln had a huge stake in the railroad, incidentally). The North at the time dealt with manufacturing- lots of mills- and the South dealt with growing food and the material FOR manufacturing. Now even though the rail system was going to be predominately IN the North, they didn’t want to pay for it…so, the controllers told Abe to levy a huge tax on the South to pay for it.

Well, the South refused to pay for something that was of no benefit to them- and since each state was an independent ‘country’, as it were, they had the right to refuse paying. Needless to say, the big guys got upset, and told Abe to force them. The South then decided it was in their own best interest to secede from the union.

Oh, but the big guys couldn’t allow that to happen! How would they pay for their railroad? How would they get by when all the material used for manufacturing CAME from the South?

They knew the South could easily get by without the North’s talents, and they knew the North would suffer without the South’s materials and foodstuffs. So, they directed Lincoln to proclaim war on the South- interestingly enough, right after the South started manufacturing their own currency.

The South could defend itself, and take care of itself. The North would have to find their materials elsewhere and would have to borrow money to do so. But who could they possibly borrow money from? After all, no other country was going to lend money to anyone for levying an unjust and overly harsh tax and getting themselves in a bind as a result of said tax. And levying an unjust tax is no reason to go to war and pit family member against family member (at that time many families in the North were related to the families in the South). The controllers needed a ‘justifiable reason’ to declare war against those who would not pay the tax and were prepared to leave the union. They could not allow that to happen.

Sooo, they decided to ‘use’ slavery as the excuse- THAT would allow them to borrow money. The North was not particularly interested in freeing slaves; they knew where the labor came from to provide the materials needed for their manufacturing. In fact, many Northeners had slaves of their own- including Lincoln’s wife (and back then, what the wife ‘owned’ belonged to her husband once she was married…).

Slavery, itself, was an old, old method of getting the labor done, and slave owner took care of their slaves, feeding them and housing them. Not ALL slave owners were mean, brutal folks- MOST took care of their ‘investment’. They needed those people to do the manual work- over the centuries, it has been a ‘normal’ means for societies to accomplish a lot of things, like it or not. (NO defense is proclaimed here, just a mention that this has been utilized by many societies throughout history and is an ongoing practice even today).

Back to Lincoln…he was instructed to make it illegal for any state to leave the union…and he was instructed to allow these backers of his to take over the finances of the country, establishing a ‘central bank’….can you guess who these controllers were?
[read the previous posts on this blog and you will connect the dots]

When Lincoln attempted to refuse that priviledge, and began coining America’s money…well, you know the fate of Lincoln, right?

In light of the facts of what actually occurred historically- the real reason the war between the states happened- it turns out the South was holding independence and freedom dear to them. They were defending the principles upon which our country was founded. They were true to American values and were upholding our Constitution.

With all the hoopla about the Confederate flag lately, it is time to review what the Communist Party’s goals are (see previous blog
‘Scammed Again’ below) and re-evaluate the situation.

The firefighter who was suspended because they ‘dared’ to fly a Confederate flag during an Independence Day celebration was, in fact, attempting to tell the public to UPHOLD our Constitution, and DEFEND our liberty. This person was NOT being ‘unpatriotic’. This person was AWARE of the facts which lead to the bloodiest war our country experienced. This person was attempting to draw attention to the fact that we MUST be diligent if we wish to be free.
This person needs to be COMMENDED, and NOT suspended!

South Carolina is to soon rule on the ‘fate’ of the Confederate flag displayed in public buildings. Let us hope that the people making the ruling are conscious of the facts of the war between the states, and they vote to KEEP that flag flying, lest we forget the price of ‘allowing’ others to control our direction.

It is high time the facts were exposed, so that our offspring do not get sucked into believing the untruths the ‘controllers’ would have us swallow.

LOTS of people, including each and every one of YOU, need to contact Minnesota, and contact S.C. and SUPPORT the flying of the Confederate flag, and also to spread the facts about the actual historic events that took place in our country. Only by doing so can we begin to gain control over the events of our future.

It is our DUTY to do so.

We cannot steer our ship with someone else at the helm.

It is pretty obvious that those whom have been allowed at the helm do NOT have OUR best interest at heart…