Received this email recently; worth passing on:

“Most of you did your homework years ago when Barrack Obama was suddenly thrust upon us and quickly discovered that he was surrounded by, advised by and created by Marxists, Muslims and anti-Americans of many flavors and aided and abetted by low information voters.
If you do not know of the power Valerie Jarrett wields in this White House, her views and connections then you need to check it out – it is frightening!


Can we survive two more years? This should answer any remaining questions regarding Obama’s plan for America!!!!!

Here is the lead fox in the house. This one gets to whisper in the king’s ear many times a day. I’d like to draw your attention to the small print next to Valerie’s name….while attending Stanford University. Ponder and re-ponder what she boldly stated way back in 1977 “…….using freedom of religion in America against itself.” AND guess what….that is exactly what she and her muslim czars have…and are doing….as we sleep.

VALERIE JARRETT – The Top Muslim in the Top Power Seat – Obama’s TOP ADVISOR
V.Jarrett [Click on picture for enlarged version of picture and quote]
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, THIS is Obama’s top advisor.

Seems as if his promise to fundamentally change America is in full swing.

Had enough yet?