What IS it going to take for people to stand up and act?

Received this from a reader who is just fed up:

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am really tired of getting the short end of the stick…All the time.

No matter how hard I work, there is next to nothing left over after bills, and my bills are minimal compared to most people I know.

Want to go out to eat? Too Bad!

Want to buy something to wear that actually fits? Too bad!

Want to buy some really good food that isn’t filled with God-only-knows-what? Too bad!

Want water that tastes like water? Too bad!

No matter when I get just a wee bit ahead, Always- and I do mean Always!- Some other darn thing comes around the corner and completely wipes out whatever miniscule pennies I might have had for 3 seconds. You know…the car breaks down, the frig goes on the blink, the plumbing backs up… some blasted thing Always happens….just when I think ‘Hey! I can afford to…’ BAM! So much for that idea…

I could think of a zillion irritations that plague my ideal world. You know, like ‘What is that in this medicine?’ or ‘What is That in my food?’…or ”They put What in the kids immunization shots?’

There’s that whole ordeal of the work situation. No time off, and if so, it is without pay. And you better have a note, or get it OK’d BEFORE you take any time off. Otherwise you are likely to be fired. What the heck is a vacation, anyway? I don’t think I ever was really allowed to actually take any of my vacation time off.

Sick days? Yeah, IF you give them a note! Like you’re some incompetent school-kid that doesn’t know you’re sick. No, you need a doctor’s note…because only a doctor can tell if you are sick. Hey, guys! I don’t generally go to a doctor when I’m sick- because they charge too much, you have to sit there half the darn day before they see you, and then they give you some stupid advice like ‘go home and rest’- hey, no kidding? Really? Or they give you some script you can’t afford to fill, and even if you could, it’s got so many side effects, who in their right mind would take it? Insurance, you say? Like anyone can afford it… And if you don’t have it, oh my! They act like you are there to rob the bank.

Oh, and by the way, we just reduced your wages, and increased your hours… Wow. Thanks.

And, ‘yes, you can have health insurance -at highly inflated rates’. Why do I need it? ‘Because, well you MIGHT get sick- Lord knows there’s enough poison in your food and water and the air you breathe, so we’re banking on you getting sick’… SO glad you are looking out for my best interest…

Oh you say the insurance company is owned by the same company that just got fined for putting nasties in my food? It is now beginning to make sense…

Oh, and don’t use the water you pay for. WE’LL TELL you how much water you can use, and when you can use it! Excuse me? I’m paying YOU’RE salary, AND I’m paying for the water.

Don’t turn your thermostat up past 68 degrees. What? I’m paying for that heat. And You are overcharging me for it as it is! No, they want me to plastic up all my windows instead- like my time isn’t worth anything- and I just happen to have that extra money to buy all that plastic and tape, right?

Shut your lights off when you leave the room. Why? So you know what room I’m in? I pay for the electricity- and those people’s salaries, equipment repairs, etc. When we have a storm causing an outage, just how often are you crediting me for that inconvenience? I mean, I was in the middle of cooking dinner, and as a result, dinner was ruined, not to mention delayed for hours!

And what about the phone? The darn ‘other fees and charges’ are more than the actual bill! What is up with that? Oh, you want a cell phone? Cool. You can fry your brain, and get to pay 3 to 4 times as much as a landline for that convenience. Not to mention, they can plug right into all your communications without so much as a search warrant.

Privacy? What privacy? There are cameras everywhere- the grocery, the bank, the street corner…you name it. Yet, when there is a real crime, somehow none of that seems to actually get on those cameras. Hmmm.

Don’t pick the flowers. Go figure. Last time I checked, WE built the government buildings, furnished them, paid employee wages, and purchased everything they use, including the flowers. So what is the big deal when it promotes healthy growth for the plant, and a few small cuttings can grow into whole new plants?

Road construction. Of course they have to wait until those obstinate enough to actually take a vacation get the chance to do so. They cannot do it prior to Memorial Day weekend- doesn’t matter if the weather has been lovely since March. Nope. Gotta wait.

And how many times have you driven by the road crew and there are 10 to 20 of them standing around? You know, when I was a commercial painter, that was called ‘milkin’ the job’. Making the job last as looong as possible. Of course, this is on Our tax dollar, so why not, right? We can afford your slackin’ off while we scramble to buy a gallon of gas or milk.

I’m tired of being played. Tired of being the guinea pig. Oh, you should only drink 1% or 2% milk. Do that for us for twenty years. Then we’ll tell you that that is why you are fat- because your body actually needed that milkfat, and it craved it so bad, you ended up eating all manner of stuff trying to satisfy that need.

And don’t eat eggs. Well, maybe you can now because we figured out it wasn’t actually bad cholesterol after all.

And wear your seat belt. (‘Cause we’re going to start making the vehicles out of plastic, and we’ll fine you if you don’t!) And wear a helmet. (Because we aren’t fixing the potholes).

For the last ten or so years, they’ve been removing nearly all the playground equipment- no Merri-Go-Round, Monkey Bars, etc. Hey! Someone might sue them for their kid falling off. Excuse me, but WE paid for that equipment, at great cost. Who are you to take it away after we paid for it?

Used to be our kids looked after each other…very well. Now, we are ‘Bad Parents’ if we aren’t helicoptering them constantly. Did it ever occur to those judging us that the kids don’t want constant supervision 24/7 anymore than we want to be constantly hanging around them 24/7? Our role as a parent is to guide them, to allow them to discover and to grow and to learn to make their own sound decisions. It is not to be a velcro accessory. If the child doesn’t have the freedom to discover things on their own, just how dysfunctional are they going to be when they go out on their own? Maybe that is the real reason the colleges have ‘Safe Places’ for all these ‘snowflakes…that may also be why they cannot abide by any different views other than the ones they were programmed to believe as the only ‘truth’. Otherwise, they might get ‘triggered’!

Don’t even get me started on what they are teaching and not teaching in these schools today….

Don’t forget all the licensing…to drive, to fish, to work, to have a business, to sell, to hunt, to carry a concealed firearm, etc. And then there’s the Permits. You need a permit for pretty much everything. To build onto your home, to burn garbage, to learn to drive, and the list goes on, and on,….. and on. And then there are the Certificates. One when you are born, one when you die, and myriad of things in-between. You’d think they owned every aspect of one’s life.

WHO ARE THESE F***ER’S ANYWAY? I didn’t put them ‘in charge’. I never gave them any authority over anything. Did YOU sign anything saying they had authority over anything? No? I didn’t think so. Maybe it’s all in the fine print when you get your lights turned on, or your mortgage papers or rental agreement…I don’t recall reading anything that allocated any authority over every aspect of my life, though. Those papers were all fairly specific. I didn’t read anything that said ‘YOU HAVE TO…’

Seems to me there are a LOT of ‘HAVE TO’s’ that we are being told- and they tell us it is for our own good, our protection, the protection of such-and-such, or to prevent such-and-such, or they tell us it is NECESSARY.

Huh. Last I checked, the only things that were ‘necessary’ were eating, drinking, eliminating after doing so, and breathing. Maybe sleeping… Everything else is just …well, not necessary.

So do we all really NEED babysitters that tell us what to do, when to do it, how to do it, how much to do it, where to do it, or why to do it? Seriously?

I think people can pretty much work most things out for themselves, and if they can’t they can usually find someone who may assist them. I don’t think we need all this constant bombardment of ‘YOU WILL DO WHAT WE TELL YOU, OR ELSE!’ governing every aspect of our lives. Do you?

Now about the infrastructure. Who paid for it? Where did the money come from to build the Grid, or the highways, or the dams, bridges and phone lines, satellites, and cables? Did not all that money come from us tax-payers, the ‘consumers’, all of us “worthless eaters”?? Yes.

So who, then, actually owns it? The company, or the people who gave them the money to build them?


I don’t recall LOANING them money to build all that, do you? Are we RENTING the facilities? I don’t recall signing any rental agreement with any of these things. No, they were all just paid for by us. So if we pay for something, then we actually own it.

Kind of cut and dried there. We paid for it all. Therefore we own all of it.

We own the parks. We own the power plants. We own the dams. We own the communication towers and lines. We own all the roads, subways, and bridges. We own the whole kit-and-kaboodle, lock,stock, and barrel. The Ports, the Airports, the government buildings, all of it. WE are the rightful owners.

And since they are doing such a horrid job (how else would you explain allowing poison in our foods, air and waters?), MAYBE we need to examine the best way to handle the problems they have laid at our door.

So what do you think?

Do we just need to directly supervise those people who think they are ‘in charge’ of us? Or do we need to clean the slate and replace them with people who will do a better job?

Maybe we need to bill THEM for a change….


This important warning was sent in:

“I am astounded that the Logan Act for Treason has not been laid, by our very sick Department of Justice, on the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberger & Trilaterals. Many hold membership in all three . ALL of them violate the Logan Act, which has NEVER been used since passed in the 1800’s, for TREASON.

When ANY AMERICAN, or any organization, consorts with other governments, or individual foreigners, to overthrow our Constitution and Sovereignty via elimination (which has been going on, a nibble at a time so people in America overlook it, for quite some time now), to bring us into Global ( World ) Government, under the United Nations, directed from Brussels, Belgium, by appointed people, designated by the 1% type zillionaires worldwide THEY VIOLATE OUR LOGAN ACT. And why that act is ignored by our top Judiciary reminds me of what a homosexual, communist, Professor of Sociology at a Columbus, Georgia College had to say. He, very correctly, said one day; “Politicians let others get away with things because they have an unspoken agreement, ‘You don’t dig into my sh**, and I won’t dig into yours,” and it’s working all the time.

The Laundry list of politicians, individual billionaires, multinational corporations, socialist organizations, communists, anarchists, and other b******* and disbelievers in America, take advantage of the fact that Americans are too busy with their own individual lives and problems to see that our country is being overthrown, a dribble at a time, while our political system manages to keep the noses of Americans pointed at the wrong Dime ( problems). The best current example, whether you like or dislike TRUMP, is that he is trying to dump the New World Order intoto. Our former strongly Nationalist Democratic Party of WWII and earlier is tearing him to shreds 24/7 along with socialists, communists, and anarchists. My best current example is:

Trump just signed a document, which Congress has to vote on, called USMCA ( United States, Mexico, Canada ). It consists of 1,800 pages of regulations which are supposed to replace Bill Clinton’s subversion of American Trade giveaway under his North American Free Trade agreement (NAFTA).

What the American Public is totally unaware of, according to my recent intelligence gathering, which I give a C-3 rating, is that the same U. S. Trade Representative (yes, a Government employee) who wrote the NAFTA and TPP Trade documents, which Trump attacked as anti -American, is also the current author for the new USMCA document that is to replace NAFTA.

The U. S. Trade Representative (USTR) involved, who also wrote the USMCA document, is one Robert Lighthizer, a veteran Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member . If you are totally unaware, like 99% of Americans, it is the CFR, led by World Government types like Henry Kissinger, and even involves several Flag Rank 4 star Admirals and Generals, active & retired, boot licking their way in the CFR., that have been attempting to undermine sovereign countries for years.


Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Chrytia Freeland, describes USMCA as “very progressive,” while our Democratic Socialists & Communists ( about 80 communists in the U.S. Congress right now ) like Schumer, who is supported by at least 3 American communist organizations, love the USMCA document.

The USMCA will implement changes whereby Congress will unconstitutionally be delegating its power to foreigners, e.g. read Chapter 23 in which the USA becomes subordinate to the International Labor Organization, (ILO).

Using “Free Trade” as a weapon, International Regimes have already attempted to overturn USA domestic Laws, in the name of Free Trade. GLOBALISTS ARE COUNTING ON AMERICANS NOT READING THE USMCA, HOWEVER, YOU CAN READ THE DOCUMENT ON THE U.S. TRADE WEBSITE.

During 2015, then Senator Jeff Sessions exposed the Trans Pacific Partnership ( TPP) language as used to start the European Union. The USMCA Free Trade Commission can make changes to it; changing operating rules, approving who serves on subordinate committees and oversee work of those committees – all without the consent of the U.S. Congress.

DANGER HERE: The Free Trade Commission will also oversee committees on Agricultural trade, Rules of origin and origin procedures, Textile & Apparel trade matters, Customs & Trade facilitation, Technical Barriers to trade, Government procurement, transportation services, financial services, telecommunications, intellectual property rights, State owned enterprises and designated monopolies, the environmen,t and private commercial disputes.

UNELECTED government people will comprise the committees from all three countries. All their work will be reviewed by the Free Trade Commission and, like the TPP, the Free Trade Commission can make changes WITHOUT the consent of the U. S. Congress, which undermines Article 1, Section 8 -power to regulate trade with Foreigners – of our Constitution.

Can you see here how the nibbling at and eliminating our Constitutional rights and Sovereignty is going on? This is exactly why England’s BREXIT is tied up trying to leave the European Union.

The USMCA Free Trade Commission fits the criterion of Founding Father James Madison’s definition of TYRANNY. He meant that when the same hands accumulate all powers, Legislative, Executive & Judiciary by one, a few, or many; be it hereditary, self appointed, or elective, it might be the definition of TYRANNY.

Trump must be awakened to how his closest advisers in Government are failing him. We need to get out of the USMCA, and all other so called Trade agreements, right now, and reject ANY erosion of American Sovereignty through establishing Trans National Executive Commissions that can subordinate the USA to International Regimes, such as the United Nations World Trade organization or the International Trade Organization.

The USMCA is everything Trump dislikes about NAFTA & TPP. These and other policies fall within the enumerated powers of the U. S. Congress according to the U. S. Constitution. – NOT International or Multinational entities. The USMCA is a threat to our Constitution, and our Sovereignty.

Recommendation: Call your members of Congress and tell them- because they’ll never read 1,800 pages of the USMCA document; they’ll just vote, giving away their own power.”

Happy Thanksgiving!!

You have had traumas in your life- as all of us have had to varying degrees. It is how we Chose to deal with those that forms certain levels of who we end up becoming.

The ‘victim’ mentality that has been forced upon many is designed to weaken you.

Learn to accept that every thing that has happened in your life is due to choices you initially made. There are others who do take advantage of people, however, once you are aware, you determine what choices to make to minimize allowing that to happen.

No one can Save you from anything- You must save yourself.

Just because you have been programmed/shamed/guilt-ridden to Accept everyone- whether or not you find what they do/represent repugnant- does not mean you need or have to accept them.

Learn to think for yourself. Question. Investigate. Seek answers.

Find out for yourself what is factual and what is truthful. It may be that you were merely convinced that something was true, when, in fact, it was not.

Maybe you will find out that what you’ve been programmed to believe and accept is not something you will ultimately choose to believe and/or accept.

You are totally responsible for your life.

Leave be the innocence of others, especially those younger than you. They may not have been subjected to the same brainwashing that was forced upon yourself.

If you truly care for that person, you’d allow that person to develop on their own, in their own way and in their own time.

Just because you were deliberately confused by your mentors, and were not prepared to understand that you were being brainwashed, does not mean you can push those ideas on someone more vunerable than yourself.

You have to first understand that you, along with millions of others, have been part of a mind-control experiment/program. You have been coerced into believing that if you do not fit into a ‘group’ than there is something ‘wrong’ with you. It was, and is, a lie.

The push for everyone to have some mental illness/disorder is a hoax. It is all based on lists of common behaviors. There are no defining diagnostic tests for any of them. It instead supports the drug industry, and allows others to control you. It is designed to dis-empower you. It allows you to have ‘excuses’ for behavioral choices you make.

You also have been repeatedly told that people can ‘choose’ their gender, and that other sexuality types are normal- they are not. They deviate from what is biologically necessary for breeding purposes. There is no reason you need accept and tolerate deviants.

Men sticking their penis into another man’s anus is not going to produce offspring. Women orally stimulating other women is not going to produce offspring. You were created to bear offspring only when you engage in sex with the opposite gender, and you were created to procreate.

You were not ‘assigned’ a sex at birth- you were created with your gender at the moment of conception. Those that ‘prefer’ not be the sex they naturally are end up messing up their entire system when they attempt to go against it. There is no such thing as a man born in a woman’s body, nor visa versa. There may be some with stronger hormones which may appear to make a woman more masculine than other women, and visa versa, however, that does not take away from the fact that they were born as a female or male. It is not uncommon to be attracted to the same sex upon occasion, however, people are geared to procreate, and will eventually find gender-opposite equally attractive.

This push to accept LGBT, etc. is simply to get people to stop procreating. It has nothing more to it than control by those who wish to direct the course of humanity.

This agenda has been wrongly pushed on people, especially children, so as to thoroughly confuse them, and ultimately keep them from bearing children in their adulthood.

There are massive efforts also being done to sterilize and/or kill large segments of the populace. There are poisons in our food, water, air, soil, and medicine designed to reduce population, and to control those who survive.

If vaccines are alleged to protect those who get vaccinated, how can an un-vaccinated person be of any danger to those who are allegedly already protected?

The entire world can be fed on food produced on less than 1% of the farmland in the United States. Think of all the other land available in the world that could be also producing food. The food shortage/over-population ‘crisis’ is a lie.

The entire world population with enough land to fully support themselves, could easily fit into a few States.There are plenty of land and resources for everyone to live comfortably.

Climatic changes are a normal cycle of every planetary body. Man is not causing it, nor can man ‘correct’ it. It is as necessary as the ebb and flow of tides.

It is a minute sector of the populace that exercises violence. The majority are honest and kind.

When you are fearful, remember that fear is like an alarm clock; shut it off and pay attention.

If people are in a constant state of fear, it is easy to control them. It is up to you to fight this and take control of your own life and future.

Those who wish to control us would have us believe we are the cause for all the problems we see and experience. It is not true. The problems were deliberately created, and the programming instituted, so as to garner control over you.

That is why the terms homophobic, anti-semitic, conspiracy theorist, etc. are thrown at us constantly. The truth is we are not phobic- we are not afraid of foreigners, nor those who are ‘convinced’ they are a different gender than what they were born as; we are not theorists of any kind. We see what is in front of us, and we know it is not a good thing. We know we’ve been lied to, and we know the agenda is bent on our destruction- all for the sake of control.

It is not some mad ‘conspiracy theory’. It is very real. The truth to all this can be investigated, and when one digs deeply enough, they will see just how much has already been ‘accomplished’.

The biggest threat to those who wish to control is the individual who does not ‘need’ anyone to control their life. A person who can think for themselves, who can reason things out logically, who can provide for their own well-being, cannot be controlled- hence, that individual is a free and sovereign person.

Individuals have incredible power; they have the power to create the world, the reality, they wish. Only the individual can do this. Yes, there are many individuals on this planet, however, each one has their own particular vision of what they want, what they believe, and how to make their life what they want it to be. If you want your life to be great, make it so.

You are the only one who can do so.

If you doubt any of this, then ask yourself…are you personally and deliberately poisoning your food? Your air? Your body? The ground? Are you deliberately hurting others?

Then who is? Who has the resources to do such widespread damage?

Then ask yourself why…

Only you can alter your present and your future.

This may be most useful once people start  sharing this and acting on it:

The Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act

Revised March 4, 2008

Author: R. Michael Castle

Written in Plain, understandable English


We the People, Demanding this Civil Law, Prohibiting the utilization of aerial deployments regarding aerosolized chemicals or biological agents and/or Bio-Chemical Mutations banning for any purpose in the North American Continent Airspaces, as has been used for United States Global Warming Mitigation, Climate Change and/or Weather Modification Programs which are deployed into the unified atmosphere over the United States or Canada. Continued ChemTrails Spraying will result in irreparable, long term, toxic and heavy-metal poisoning of the populace. This Preservation and Protection extends to prevention of contamination via toxic fall-out onto the infinite environment of the United States and Canada, which includes our Air-Column, Land masses, rivers, lakes, and Ground- waters, forests and seas and all Foods.

There are NO current Laws or Rules protecting our atmosphere and upper-atmosphere from these forms of toxic contamination, ChemTrails, Aerosolized Contaminants, Weapons all. This Environmental Terrorism must and Will End.”

Attention Congress People and Elected Officials.

This Draft-Law Document has been written, By the People’ that will stop and halt all ChemTrails bombardment and the literal poisoning of the Earth’s Breathable Air Column. This subject shall not be debated, UAPA8 is a Civil Complaint and Demand to the United States Congress for Protection of all Life Form’s Breathable Air Column, Life and Liberty.

Written by We the People in ‘plain-Civil and simple, understandable English language so all can understand exactly of what is expected of the US Congress in this Air Emergency-matter. There will be zero- respect given to any official protocols of preparation for this Document, or Submittal(s)

thereof; This Document fully states Our Demands.



A proposed Law that effectively bans and forever prohibits the deployment or otherwise released, into or onto the Earth’s Natural Atmospheric/Stratospheric column and Breathable Air Column.

This Law will prohibit-the-formation or Act as an Instrument for dissolution targeting the US Weather Control Board or Agency; Weather Manipulation is a part of identified function and purpose of the toxic chemicals and biological mutation agents, therefore, Weather Modification and Control will be prohibited due to the absolute toxicity profile ofthe agents used for manipulation, management or controls. A specific Ban on ALL Federal or State Agencies use of crisis exemption’ loopholes that allow wide and varied spraying of any chemicals into the Breathable Air Column, toxic or not. This specific rescinding is due to the Collusion and possible criminal corruption of Agencies and Corporations, Contractors or developers of chemical agents.

The Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act

Congress Shall Make and Pass This Law that will:

1. Ban mixtures (any Organic or Inorganic chemicals or compounds, elements of the Periodic Table, gases, solids or plasmas) of chemical materials known as “chaff” from military training operations. Ceasing the operation of Chemical trails (ChemTrails) that occlude sunlight. Weather modifications or any combination of chemical biological mixtures used for any purpose are expressly prohibited;

2. Cloud Seeding” and Atmospheric/Stratospheric “seeding” technology that utilizes chemicals, gases, synthetic filament carriers or biological substances such as pseudomonas strain germ or mutations thereof, or any sort for the purpose of weather manipulation/modification, such as precipitation, drought, cyclonic, ultra-violet, infra-red heat or cosmic storm managements.

3. Electro-Magnetic radiation/radio and SCALAR or plasmic energy waves generated, HAARP’s Array, Cell-Tower transmitted, propagated, reflected or otherwise articulated into a focused beam or pattern that has the intended purpose of manipulating Weather-systems, causing Droughts, heating Weather-systems or otherwise energizing, or utilized in a mixed waveform of Mind-Control, experimental or operational.

a. These banned Weapons wave form shall include: Microwave spectrum, Acoustic andSonic spectrum, including Infra spectra to lowest base-sonic range and all in between, Extreme- Low Frequency (ELF) to magnitude Extreme High Frequency spectrum, all energies Waveform between these EMF points of magnitude, all energies traveling through any portion of Atmosphere, Bedrock or Waters, or reflected back to the planet’s surface for intent and purposes described herein.

b. Focused or spatial-bleed of radiations would result in total and cumulative radiation dosages resultant in cellular damages to Humans and the Environment of Plant and Animal Kingdoms.The use of such technologies exceeds pre-set EMR thresholds and limitations and is therefore, banned from use.

c. Specifically banned are SCALAR-ELF Energies used for Psychotronic-weaponry forMind-Control, Behaviors-manipulation, Brain-dimming or other forms of ‘classified’Weaponry used experimentally or Operationally, anywhere on the Earth.

4. Vaccines of any types are banned, deployed into or unto the Atmospheric/Stratospheric Air Column. Bio-controls deployed aerially are expressly banned and prohibited from usage that has any mixtures of chemicals or biological materials. Bio-controls containing genetically engineered microbes or biological life forms, natural or genetically engineered are banned and prohibited, expressly banned are any Nano-technologies and devices, genetically mutated, self-replicating, synthetic propagation and/or attached to fungal-forms, bacterium’s or any combinations thereof, for any reason or purposes.

5. Prohibition of Aerial-dispensed Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Pheromones, Hormones, Pollens or seeds of GMO’s (Genetically Mutated Organisms)-Banning‘all’ aerially deployed or dispensed pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, artificial pheromones, hormones, Animal or Human intended vaccines. An independent Environmental Impact Study must be conducted prior to considerations of Agricultural spraying of any sort and which must include all negative effects of Genetically Mutated species on all Life Forms within a 100 Mile radius of the potentially effected area. Due to previous and widespread misuse and mismanagement by Governmental Agencies, USDA and rampant abuse of Aerial-spraying of these chemical and biological toxins, here-to-fore, all rights or authority is herein rescinded.

a. All Prohibitions and Bans herein described are expressly focused at any State or Federally- Approved Contractor of the United States Government, Military or Agencies Corporate-Military Partnerships, International Contractors or New World Order Contractors or Agencies of Government(s) are hereby prohibited and shall be fully enforceable under Criminal Prosecution by a State’s or Federal Court and will be subject to ‘War-Crimes Against Humanity charges and Indictments.

6. Emergency Investigation Funding-$8.0 Million to commence an Investigation to access the magnitude of Environmental damages that have already occurred by the criminal and illegal spraying, deployment or otherwise released toxic materials described herein, into and onto the North American Continental Air Column and the entire Earth’s Air Column. This Emergency investigation will have far-reaching effects with intent to hold all Government, Military, Federally Approved Contractors, Corporate-Military Partnerships, all Foreign entities, US Agencies and personnel, accountable for the purposeful and Criminal release of extremely toxic agents into the Unified Air Column. Probable Criminal prosecution by a Civil United States Court of Law or future Authority, or a Special Prosecutor assigned by the Ranking Congressional Authority. This is an integral part of the Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act of 2008.

7. International Coordination and Treaty by the Directives of this Bill, the Ranking United States Congressperson shall seek International cooperation through the coordination of all bans and prohibitions set forth in this Legislation, serving as the model and primer for Global Protection of the precious Unified Atmosphere/Stratosphere surrounding this Earth.

a.) The Congress shall engage, through the US State Department, in International discussionsfor the enjoinment of the Protections and Preservations set forth in the Unified Atmospheric

Preservation Act of 2008 as Model for an International Treaty for the prohibition and banning of ‘all’ aerosolized chemicals or biological agents and/or genetically engineered life-forms contaminations of Earth, released into the Unified Atmosphere or Stratosphere of the entire planet.


Emergency-level Cessation, prohibition and banning of‘ ‘all’ aerial dispensement of any chemical/biological/electromagnetic treatments, deployments, managements, modification or manipulation of the Unified Atmosphere/Stratosphere and Air-Column above the North American Continent or any Global portion thereof, via any artificial means, for any and all purposes.


A vote by the citizens of the United States of America through our elected United States House of Representatives, the US Congress and the United States Senate, with the signature of the President of the United States, this legal and binding authorization would put a ban and prohibit the purposeful release of any organic/inorganic chemicals, compounds, elements such as heavy metal aerosol particulates, polymer filaments, dipoles of metallized glass or crystalline compositions. This would include vaccines; bio-controls of genetically altered biological life forms. This Law will effectively abate all fallout (back-to-earth), aerial-released chemicals, biological materials, extraneous and spatial reflected electromagnetic radiation.

Section 1.

This Law shall ban and prohibit the intentional and purposeful release of all chemical and biological substances into the Unified Atmosphere including the upper atmosphere/stratosphere. Current laws and International treaties do NOT recognize, prohibit or regulate atmospheric/stratospheric releases of chemicals, elements, Focused Radiant-Energies or biological materials which are used in Global Warming Mitigation/Climate Change schemes, all clandestine, Weather-Modification(s), Climate change or other biosphere mitigation strategies OR Vaccines,secret-operations carried out byCorporate-Military Contractors, Foreign Governments or entities of any of the above. This specifically includes the U.S. Government, Branches of the recognized US Military or any Agency Appointee.

These substances and agents currently fall back to Earth, mostly as ‘spent-wastes’ from Illegal ChemTrails Operations with results of widespread chemical and heavy-metal contamination of breathable air, food, water supplies (including groundwaters), foliage and fauna as well as Humans suffering toxic effects,infestations of Humans and animals via an aberrant, Black-Op Self-Replicating Nano-Technologies. The release of toxic substances will be causative of chemical poisoning and toxicity to the infinite environment and humankind as a whole.

This Law is intended to interrupt and impede current and all future practices of artificial/man-made aerial releases or deployment(s) of various chemicals, which cause residual “fall-out” of pollutants that will descend to the earth’s surface, will be absorbed, inhaled or systemically be causative of genetic and cellular damages, heretofore not regulated nor managed and conducted illegally and clandestine.

Section 2.

This Law is designed to intercede and bring to immediate cessation any and all current and future operations. To also ban and prohibit deploying of aerosolized polymer filaments, chemical technologies, climate changing/weather modification/manipulation chemicals, and EMR energy-excited operations for the further cause of Global Warming Mitigation. To declare an immediate national mo

ratorium on the deployment or use of Global Warming Mitigation technologies that are intended to artificially shield the Earth’s surface from ultra-violet and cosmic radiation or in-situ reparations of the ozone or ionospheric layers in the unified atmosphere/stratosphere.

i) United Nations General Assembly Resolution 31/72, TIAS 9614 Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques”

ii) Federal statute 15 USC § 330 (enacted 1971) requires reporting of weather modification tothe Secretary of Commerce.

Section 3.

Vaccine Prohibition – Prohibits the aerial release of any artificial vaccine en-masse onto segments of the human or animal species. This encompasses chemical or biological experimentation on humans until such a time when exacting, exhaustive public, civil and private-sector medical/scientific studies can prove the overall benefit(s) to humans and the environment. To also inform the Public of the acute/chronic effects that the vaccines will have on humanity and Mother Earth. No Agency of the United States, including the U.S. Military shall have the authority or official capacity to dispense, deploy or otherwise released into any Natural or synthetic medium, of any mass-vaccine(s) onto/into the Civil-Military or Animal/Creature kingdoms, populaces. Specifically, the President of neither the United States nor the Secretary of Defense may order mass aerial vaccines be deployed unless a Declaration of War has been declared by the United States Congress upon the targets of the Vaccines.

Section 4.

Document Languages/Vectors/Modalities and Standards Human Health Risk Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements, Public and Civil Disclosures shall be written in languages, statistics, data and vocabularies that common people, educated and uneducated and citizens of the United States of America may read, hear or otherwise be informed of; to understand any transmitted communication on the subject(s) of this Law. All information pertaining to the Unified Atmospheric Preservation Law shall be the responsibility and duty of the U.S. Congress and/orthe County Sheriff of each County within the United States, for collection and transmittal or disbursement of this Law to the public, State

Elected Officials, Municipal or Township Officials. The public notification(s) will commence upon this becoming a Law of the Land and Air. Public observations of ChemTrails being sprayed into our Atmosphere will set forth Enforcement and Interdiction to have the County Sheriff arrest the violators for future Criminal Prosecutions.

The County Sheriff is the only Elected Law Enforcement Official as referenced by the United States Constitution. The Government of the United States , Agency and Military have demonstrated hostile actions upon the Populace and the Environment and therefore cannot be Trusted in any aspects of compliance with this Law.

This Law will ensure that pre-deployment knowledge, derived from toxicological and integrative research of Earth’s Bio-spherical/Geo-spherical system sciences with disclosure(s) of all Human Health Risks and Environmental Impact factors, be in compliance with the prohibitions and directives contained herein, for any current or future countermeasure technology considerations.

These Standards will prohibit the utilization of HAARPS (Tesla/Eastlund), High-Energy technologies and plasmas transmissions to orbiting geo-stationary satellite receivers and re-transmitting to the Earth’s surface. Also prohibits reflected high dosage sources of microwave, Extreme Low Frequency (ELF), Ultra-Low Frequency (ULF) and Electromagnetic Radar/Airborne Chemical synergism Interface via the ionosphere.

I, R M Castle, do hereby Waive any benefits or assistances.

by ____________________________________

“We, the People, shall prevail”


Prepared and authored by Richard M. Castle, Columbus, Ohio, USA

December 7, 2003

Revised May 2005

Revised March 14, 2008

email: ekimcastle@yahoo.com


To all Recipients of this DRAFT Law ‘The Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act of 2008’, Copy and take to City Councils, Township, Counties Officials, the elected County Sheriff, States Representatives, Congresspersons and Senators. Always send Certified US MAIL.

Sign your Legal Name on all copies you receive as this will suffice the same as a Petition.

I, the Author of this Document, Richard MichaelCastlem hereby sign this Draft of UAPA8 and do hereby, swear that I am a sovereign individual on Franklin Country Ohio

I Pray These Protections of Life Will Be Forged’

Dr. Michael Castle March 15, 2008





(This spraying is being done clearly for questionable purposes- not to mention the ‘possible’ use of poisonous spraying for ‘population control’…)

Original found here: https://anticorruptionsociety.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/the-unified-atmospheric-preservation-act.pdf 

Came across this very telling interview. Please read the entire interview:

Norman Dodd on Tax Exempt Foundations
by Shorty Dawkins
July 12, 2016
Some of you may be familiar with this interview of Norman
Dodd, done many years ago (1982) by G. Edward Griffin.
Norman Dodd was the Chief Investigator for what became
known as the Reece Committee, which had the task of
investigating Tax-Exempt Foundations, to determine if they
were acting in any “un-American” manner. Mr. Dodd died a
short while after Mr. Griffin’s interview. Following the video, I
have included the full transcript of the interview.
I think you’ll find the interview very eye-opening.
The Hidden Agenda–Transcript
[INTRO] NORMAN DODD: Rowan Gaither was at that time president of the Ford Foundation. Mr. Gaither had sent for me when I found it convenient to be in New York, asked me to call upon him at his office, which I did, and on arrival after a
few amenities, Mr. Gaither said: “Mr. Dodd, we’ve asked you to come up here today because we thought that possibly, off the record, you would tell us why the Congress is interested in the activities of the foundations such as ourselves.” Before
I could think of how I would reply to that statement, Mr. Gaither then went on and said: “Mr. Dodd, all of us who have a hand in the making of policies here have had experience operating under directives, the substance of which is that we shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the United States that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.”
ANNOUNCER: Warning! You are about to enter The Reality Zone, a place where truth is stranger than fiction, where knowledge is king, where myths are shattered, and deceptions exposed. It’s a place where the lessons of history arefound and where true-
life adventures reveal the hidden nature of man. If you proceed, you will not be able to return to the twilight zone from which you came. You have five seconds remaining to escape.
ED GRIFFIN: Welcome to The Reality Zone. I’m Ed Griffin. The story we are about to hear represents a missing piece in the puzzle of modern history. We are about to hear a man tell us that the major tax-exempt foundations of America since at least 1945 have been operating to promote a hidden agenda, and that agenda has nothing to do with the surface appearance of charity, good works, or philanthropy. This man will tell you that the real objective has been to influence American educational institutions and to control foreign policy of the federal government. The purpose of this control has
been to condition Americans to accept the creation of world government. That government is to be based on the principle of collectivism, which is another way of saying socialism, and it is to be ruled from behind the scenes by those same
interests which control the tax-exempt foundations. Is this a believable scenario? Well, the man who tells this story is none other than Mr. Norman Dodd, who in 1954 was the staff director of the Congressional Special Committee to Investigate Tax-exempt Foundations, sometimes referred to as the Reece Committee, in recognition of its chairman, Congressman Carol Reece. The interview we are about to hear was conducted by me in 1982. I had no immediate use for the material at that time, but I realized that Mr. Dodd’s story was of great importance, and since he was advanced in age and not in good health, I wanted to capture his recollections on videotape while he was still with us. It was a wise decision, because Mr. Dodd did pass away just a short time afterwards. In later years there was a resurgence of interest in Mr. Dodd’s story,
and we released the videotape to the public in 1991. And so what now follows is the soundtrack taken from the full, unedited interview, broken occasionally only for a tape change or to omit the sound of a passing airplane. It stands on its own as an important piece in the puzzle of modern history.
ED GRIFFIN: Mr. Dodd, let’s begin this interview with a brief statement. For the record, please tell us who you are, what is your background and your qualifications to speak on this subject.
NORMAN DODD: Well, Mr. Griffin, as to who I am, I am just, as the name implies,
an individual born in New Jersey and educated in private schools, eventually in a school called Andover in Massachusetts and then Yale university. Running through my whole period of being brought up and growing up, I have been an indefatigable reader. I have had one major interest, and that was this country as I was lead to believe it was originally founded. I entered the world of business knowing absolutely nothing about how that world operated, and realized that the only way to find out what that world consisted of would be to become part of it. I then acquired some experience in the manufacturing world and then in the world of international communication and finally chose banking as the field I wished to devote my life to. I was fortunate enough to secure a position in one of the important banks in New York and lived there. I lived through the conditions which led up to what is known as the crash of 1929. I witnessed what was tantamount to the collapse of the structure of the United States as a whole. Much to my surprise, I was confronted by my superiors in the middle of the panic in which they were immersed. I was confronted with the question: “Norm, what do we do now?” I was thirty at the time and I had no more right to have an answer to that question than the man in the moon. However, I did manage to say to my superiors: “Gentlemen, you take this experience as proof that there’s something you do not know about banking, and you’d better go find out what that something is and act accordingly.” Four days later I was confronted by the same superiors with a statement to the effect that, “Norm, you go find out.” And I really was fool enough to accept that assignment, because it meant that you were going out to search for something, and nobody could tell you what you were looking for, but I felt so strongly on the subject that I consented. I was relieved of all normal duties inside the bank and two-and-half years later I felt that it was possible to report back to those who had given me this assignment. And so, I rendered such a report; and, as a result of the report I rendered. I was told the following: “Norm, what you’re saying is we should return to sound banking,” and I said, “Yes, in essence, that’sexactly what I’m saying.” Whereupon I got my first shock, which was a statement from them to this effect: “We will never see sound banking in the United States again.” They cited chapter and verse to support that statement, and what they cited was as follows: “Since the end of world war one we have been responsible for what they call the institutionalizing of
conflicting interests, and they are so prevalent inside this country that they can never be resolved.”
This came to me as an extraordinary shock because the men who made this statement were men who were deemed as the most prominent bankers in the country. The bank of which I was a part, which I’ve spoken of, was a Morgan bank and, coming from men of that caliber, a statement of that kind made a tremendous impression on me. The type of impression that it made on me was such that I wondered if I, as an individual and what they call a junior officer of the bank, could with the same enthusiasm foster the progress and policies of the bank. I spent about a year trying to think this out and came to the conclusion that I would have to resign. I did resign; and, as a consequence of that, had this experience. When my letter of resignation reached the desk of the
president of the bank, he sent for me, and I came to visit with him, and he stated to me: “Norm, I have your letter, but I don’t believe you understand what’s happened in the last 10 days.” And I said, “No, Mr. Cochran, I have no idea what’s happened.” “Well,” he said, “the directors have never been able to get your report to them out of their mind; and, as a result, they have decided that you as an individual must begin at once and you must reorganize this bank in keeping with your own ideas.” He then said, “Now, can I tear up your letter?” Inasmuch as what had been said to me was offering me, at the age of by then 33, about as fine an opportunity for service to the country as I could imagine, I said yes. They saidthey wished me to begin at once, and I did.
Suddenly, in the span of about six weeks, I was not permitted to do another piece of work and, every time I brought the subject up, I was kind of patted on the back and told, “Stop worrying about it, Norm. Pretty soon you’ll be a vice president, and you’ll have quite a handsome salary and ultimately be able to retire on a very worthwhile pension. In the meantime you can play golf and tennis to your heart’s content on weekends.” Well, Mr. Griffin, I found I couldn’t do it. I spent a year figuratively with my feet on the desk doing nothing and I couldn’t adjust to it so I did resign and, this time, my resignation stuck.
Then I got my second shock, which was the discovery that the doors of every bank in the United States were closed to me, and I never could again get a job, as it were, in the banks. I found myself, for the first time since I graduated from college, out of a job.
From there on I followed various branches of the financial world, ranging from investment counsel to membership of the stock exchange and finally ended as an adviser to a few individuals who had capital funds to look after. In the meantime,
my major interest became very specific, which was to endeavor by some means of getting the educational world to actually you might say teach the subject of economics realistically and move it away from the support of various speculative activities that characterize our country. I have had that interest, and you know how, as you generate a specific interest, you find yourself gravitating toward persons with similar interests, and ultimately I found myself in the center of the world of dissatisfaction with the directions that this country was headed. I found myself in contact with many individuals who on their own had done a vast amount of studying and research in areas, which were part of the problem.
ED GRIFFIN: At what point in your career did you become connect
ed with the Reece Committee?
ED GRIFFIN: And what was that capacity, sir?
NORMAN DODD: That was in the capacity of what they called Director of Research.
ED GRIFFIN: Can you tell us what the Reece Committee was attempting to do?
NORMAN DODD: Yes, I can tell you. It was operating and carrying out instructions embodied in a resolution passed by the House of Representatives, which was to investigate the activities of foundations as to whether or not these activities could justifiably be labeled un-American without, I might say, defining what they meant by “un-American”. That was the resolution, and the committee had then the task of selecting a counsel, and the counsel in turn had the task of selecting a staff, and he had to have some body who would direct the work of that staff, and that was what they meant by the Director of Research.
ED GRIFFIN: What were some of the details, the specifics that you told the Committee at that time?
NORMAN DODD: Well, Mr. Griffin, in that report I specifically, number one, defined what, to us, was meant by the phrase, “un-American.” We defined that in our way as being a determination to effect changes in the country by unconstitutional means. We have plenty of constitutional procedures, assuming we wish to effect a change in the form of government and that sort of thing; and, therefore, any effort in that direction which did not avail itself of the procedures which were authorized by the Constitution could be justifiably be called un-American. That was the start of educating them up to that particular point. The next thing was to educate them as to the effect on the country as a whole of the activities of large, endowed foundations over the then-past forty years.
ED GRIFFIN: What was that effect?
NORMAN DODD: That effect was to orient our educational system away from support of the principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence and implemented in the Constitution; and the task now was the orientation of education away from these briefly stated principles and self-evident truths. That’s what had been the effect of the wealth, which constituted the endowments of those foundations that had been in existence over the largest portion of this span of 50 years, and holding them responsible for this change. What we were able to bring forward, what we uncovered, was the determination of these large endowed foundations, through their trustees, to actually get control over the content of American education.
ED GRIFFIN: There’s quite a bit of publicity given to your conversation with Rowan Gaither. Would you please tell us who he was and what was that conversation you had with him?
NORMAN DODD: Rowan Gaither was, at that time, president of the Ford Foundation. Mr. Gaither had sent for me when I found it convenient to be in New York, asked me to call upon him at his office, which I did. Upon arrival, after a few amenities, Mr. Gaither said: “Mr. Dodd, we’ve asked you to come up here today because we thought that possibly, off the record, you would tell us why the Congress is interested in the activities of foundations such as ourselves?” Before I could think of how I would reply to that statement, Mr. Gaither then went on voluntarily and said: “Mr. Dodd, all of us who have a hand in the making of policies here have had experience either with the OSS during the war or the European Economic Administration after the war. We’ve had experience operating under directives, and these directives emanate and did emanate from the White House. Now, we still operate under just such directives. Would you
like to know what the substance of these directives is?”
I said, “Mr. Gaither, I’d like very much to know,” whereupon he made this statement to me: “Mr. Dodd, we are here and operate in response to similar directives, the substance of which is that we shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the United States that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.”
Well, parenthetically, Mr. Griffin, I nearly fell off the chair. I, of course didn’t, but my response to Mr. Gaither then was: “Well, Mr. Gaither I can now answer your first question. You’ve forced the Congress of the United States to spend $150,000 to find out what you’ve just told me.” I said: “Of course, legally, you’re entitled to make grants for this purpose, but I don’t think you’re entitled to withhold that information from the people of the country to whom you’re indebted for your tax exemption, so why don’t you tell the people of the country what you just told me?” And his answer was, “We would not think of doing any such thing.” So then I said, “Well, Mr. Gaither, obviously you’ve forced the Congress to spend this money in order to find out what you’ve just told me.”
ED GRIFFIN: Mr. Dodd, you have spoken before about some interesting things that were discovered by Katherine Casey at the Carnegie Endowment. Can you tell us that story, please?
NORMAN DODD: Yes, I’d be glad to, Mr. Griffin. This experience that you just referred to came about in response to a letter that I had written to the Carnegie Endowment
for International Peace, asking certain questions and gathering certain information. On the arrival of that letter, Dr. Johnson, who was then president of the Carnegie Endowment, telephoned me and said, did I ever come up to New York. I said yes, I did more or less each weekend, and he said, “Well, when you’re next here, will you drop in and see us?” Which I did.
On arrival at the office of the endowment I found myself in the presence of Dr. Joseph Johnson, the president–who was the successor to Alger Hiss–two vice presidents, and their own counsel, a partner in the firm of Sullivan and Cromwell.
Dr. Johnson said, after again amenities, Mr. Dodd, we have your letter. We can answer all those questions, but it would be a great deal of trouble, and we have a counter suggestion. Our counter suggestion is: If you can spare a member of your staff for two weeks and send that member up to New York, we will give to that member a room in the library and the minute books of this foundation since its inception, and we think that whatever you want to find out or that Congress wants to find out will be obvious from those minutes.
Well, my first reaction was they’d lost their minds. I had a pretty good idea of what those minutes would contain, but I realized that Dr. Johnson had only been in office two years, and the other vice presidents were relatively young men, and counsel seemed to be also a young man, and I guessed that probably they’d never read the minutes themselves. So I said I had somebody; I would accept their offer.
I went back to Washington and I selected a member of my staff who had been a practicing attorney in Washington. She was on my staff to see to it that I didn’t break any congressional procedures or rules, in addition to which she was unsympathetic t
o the purpose of the investigation. She was level-headed and a very reasonably brilliant, capable lady.
Her attitude toward the investigation was: What could possibly be wrong with foundations? They do so much good.
Well, in the face of that sincere conviction of Katherine’s I went out of my way not to prejudice her in any way, but I did explain to her that she couldn’t possibly cover 50 years of written minutes in two weeks, so she would have to do what we call spot reading. I blocked out certain periods of time to concentrate on, and off she went to New York. She came back at the end of two weeks with the following on dictaphone tapes:
We are now at the year 1908, which was the year that the Carnegie Foundation began operations. In that year, the trustees, meeting for the first time, raised a specific question, which they discussed throughout the balance of the year in a very learned fashion. The question is: “Is there any means known more effective than war, assuming you wish to alter the life of an entire people?” And they conclude that no more effective means than war to that end is known to humanity.
So then, in 1909, they raised the second question and discussed it, namely: “How do we involve the United States in a war?”
Well, I doubt at that time if there was any subject more removed from the thinking of most of the people of this country than its involvement in a war. There were intermittent shows in the Balkans, but I doubt very much if many people even
knew where the Balkans were. Then, finally, they answered that question as follows: “We must control the State Department.” That very naturally raises the question of how do we do that? And they answer it by saying: “We must take over and control the diplomatic machinery of this country.” And, finally, they resolve to aim at that as an objective.
Then time passes, and we are eventually in a war, which would be World War I. At that time they record on their minutes a shocking report in which they dispatched to President Wilson a telegram, cautioning him to see that the war does not end too quickly.
Finally, of course, the war is over. At that time their interest shifts over to preventing what they call a reversion of life in the United States to what it was prior to 1914 when World War I broke out. At that point they came to the conclusion that, to prevent a reversion, “we must control education in the United States.” They realize that that’s a pretty big task. It is too big for them alone, so they approach the Rockefeller Foundation with the suggestion that that portion of education which could be considered domestic be handled by the Rockefeller Foundation and that portion which is international should be handled by the Endowment. They then decide that the key to success of these two operations lay in the alteration of the teaching of American history.
So they approach four of the then-most prominent teachers of American history in the country– people like Charles and Mary Byrd– and their suggestion to them is: will they alter the manner in which they present their subject? And they got turned down flat. So they then decide that it is necessary for them to do as they say, “build our own stable of historians.”
Then they approach the Guggenheim Foundation, which specializes in fellowships, and say: “When we find young men in the process of studying for doctorates in the field of American history and we feel that they are the right caliber, will you grant them fellowships on our say-so?” And the answer is yes. So, under that condition, eventually they assembled twenty, and they take this twenty potential teachers of American history to London, and there they’re briefed on what is expected of them when, as, and if they secure appointments in keeping with the doctorates they will have earned.
That group of twenty historians ultimately becomes the nucleus of the American Historical Association.
Toward the end of the 1920’s, the Endowment grants to the American Historical Association $400,000 for a study of our history in a manner which points to what can this country look forward to in the future. That culminates in a seven-volume study, the last volume of which is, of course, in essence a summary of the contents of the other six. The essence of the last volume is: The future of this country belongs to collectivism administered with characteristic American efficiency.
That’s the story that ultimately grew out of and, of course, was what could have been presented by the members of this Congressional committee to the congress as a whole for just exactly what it said. They never got to that point.
ED GRIFFIN: This is the story that emerged from the minutes of the Carnegie
right. It was official to that extent.
ED GRIFFIN: Katherine Casey brought all of these back in the form of dictated notes from a verbatim reading of the minutes?
NORMAN DODD: On Dictaphone belts.
ED GRIFFIN: Are those in existence today?
NORMAN DODD: I don’t know. If they are, they’re somewhere in the Archives under the control of the Congress, House of Representatives.
ED GRIFFIN: How many people actually heard those, or were they typed up, a transcript made of them?
ED GRIFFIN: How many people actually heard those recordings?
NORMAN DODD: Oh, three maybe. Myself, my top assistant, and Katherine. I
might tell you, this experience, as far as its impact on Katherine Casey was concerned, was she never was able to return to her law practice. If it hadn’t been for Carol Reece’s ability to tuck her away into a job in the Federal Trade Commission, I don’t know
what would have happened to Katherine. Ultimately, she lost her mind as a result of it. It was a terrible shock. It’s a very rough experience to encounter proof of these kinds.
ED GRIFFIN: Mr. Dodd can you summarize the opposition to the Committee, the
Reece Committee and particularly the efforts to sabotaging the Committee?
NORMAN DODD: Well, they began right at the start of the work of an operating staff, Mr. Griffin, and it began on the day in which the Committee met for the purpose of consenting to or confirming my appointment to the position of Director of Research. Thanks to the abstention of the minority members of the committee, that is, the two Democratic members, from voting, technically I was unanimously appointed.
ED GRIFFIN: Wasn’t the White House involved in opposition?
NORMAN DODD: Not at this particular point, sir. Mr. Reece ordered counsel and myself to visit Wayne Hayes. Wayne Hayes was the ranking minority member of the Committee as a Democrat, so we came to him, and I had to go down to Mr. Hayes’s office, which I did. Mr. Hayes greeted us with the flat statement directed primarily to me, which was that “I am opposed to this investigation. I regard it as nothing but an effort on the part of Carol Reece to gain a little prominence, so I’ll do everything I can to see that it fails.” Well, I have a strange personality in that a challenge of that nature interests me. Our counsel withdrew. He went over and sat on the couch in Mr. Reece’s office and pouted, but I sort of took up this statement of Hayes as a challenge and set myself the goal of winning him over to our point of view. I started by noticing on his desk that there was a book, and the book was of the type that– there were many in these days– that would be complaining about the spread of Communism in Hungary, that type of book. This meant to me at least he has read a book, and so I brought up the subject of the spread of the influence of the Soviet world. For two hours, I discussed this with Hayes and finally ended up with his rising from his desk and saying: “Norm, if you will carry this investigation toward the goal as you have outlined to me, I’ll be your biggest supporter.” I said: “Mr. Hayes, I can assure you that I will not
double-cross you.” Subsequently Mr. Hayes sent word to me that he was in Bethesda Hospital with an attack of ulcers, but would I come and see him, which I did. He then said: “Norm, the only reason I’ve asked you to come out here is I just want to hear you say again you will not double-cross me.” I gave him that assurance, and that was the basis of our relationship. Meantime, counsel took the attitude expressed in these words: “Norm, if you want to waste your time with this guy,” as he called him, “you go ahead and do it, but don’t ever ask me to say anything to him under any conditions on any subject.” So, in a sense, that created a context for me to operate in relation to Hayes on my own. As time passed, Hayes offered friendship, which I hesitated to accept because of his vulgarity, and I didn’t want to get mixed up with him socially under any conditions.
Well, that was our relationship for about three months, and then, eventually, I had occasion to add to my staff a top-flight intelligence officer. Both the Republican National Committee and the White House were resorted to, to stop me from
continuing this investigation in the directions Carol Reece had personally asked me to do, which was to utilize this investigation, Mr. Griffin, to uncover the fact that this country had been the victim of a conspiracy. That was Mr. Reece’s conviction. I eventually agreed to carry it out. I explained to Mr. Reece that Hayes’s own counsel wouldn’t go in that direction. He gave me permission to disregard their counsel, and I had then to set up an aspect of the investigation outside of our office, more or less secret. The Republican National Committee got wind of what I was doing and they did
everything they could to stop me. They appealed to counsel to stop me, and finally they resorted to the White House.
ED GRIFFIN: Was their objection because of what you were doing or because of the fact that you were doing it outside of the official auspices of the Committee?
NORMAN DODD: No, their objection was, as they put it, my devotion to what they called anti-semitism. That was a cooked up idea. In other words, it wasn’t true at all, but anyway, that’s the way they expressed it.
ED GRIFFIN: Why did they do that? How could they say that?
NORMAN DODD: Well, they could say it, Mr. Griffin, but they had to have something in the way of a rationalization of their decision to do everything they could to stop the completion of this investigation in the directions that it was moving, which would have been an exposure of this Carnegie Endowment story and the Ford Foundation and the Guggenheim and the Rockefeller Foundation, all working in harmony toward the control of education in the United States. Well, to secure the help of the White House in the picture, they got the White House to cause the liaison personality between the White House and the hill, a Major Person, to go up to Hayes and try to get him to, as it were, actively oppose what the investigation was engaged in. Hayes very kindly then would listen to this visit from Major Person; then he would call me and say, “Norm, come up to my office. I have a good deal to tell you.” I would go up. He would tell me, “I’ve just had a visit from Major Person, and he wants me to break up this investigation.” I then said, “Well, what did you do? What did you say to him?” He said,” I just told him to get the hell out.” He did that three times, and I got pretty proud of him in the sense that he was, as it were, backing me up. We finally embarked upon the hearing at Hayes’s request, because he wanted to get them out of the way before he went abroad for the summer
.ED GRIFFIN: Why were the hearings finally terminated? What happened to the Committee?
NORMAN DODD: What happened to the Committee or the hearings?
ED GRIFFIN: The hearings.
NORMAN DODD: Oh, the hearings were terminated. Carol Reece was up against such a furor with Hayes through the activity of our own counsel. Hayes became convinced that he was being double-crossed and he put on a show in a public hearing room, Mr. Griffin, that was an absolute disgrace. He called Carol Reece publicly every name in the book, and Mr.Reece took this as proof that he couldn’t continue the hearings. He actually invited me to accompany him when he went down to Hayes’s office and, in my presence with tears rolling down his face, Hayes apologized to Carol Reece for what he
had done and his conduct, and apologized to me. I thought that would be enough and that Carol would resume, but he never did.
ED GRIFFIN: The charge of anti-semitism is intriguing. What was the basis of that charge? Was there a basis for it at all?
NORMAN DODD: The basis of what the Republican National Committee used was that the intelligence officer I’d taken on my staff when I oriented this investigation to the exposure and proof of a conspiracy was known to have a book, and the
book was deemed to be anti-semitic. This was childish, but this was the second in command of the Republican National Committee, and he told me I’d have to dismiss this person from my staff.
ED GRIFFIN: Who was that person?
NORMAN DODD: A Colonel Lee Lelane.
ED GRIFFIN: And what was his book? Do you recall?
NORMAN DODD: The book they referred to was called Waters Flowing Eastward, which was a castigation of the Jewish influence in the world.
ED GRIFFIN: Whatwere some of the other charges made by Mr. Hayes against Mr. Reece?
NORMAN DODD: Just that Mr. Reece was utilizing this investigation for his own prominence inside the House of Representatives. That was the only charge that Hayes could think of.
ED GRIFFIN: How would you describe the motivation of the people who created the foundations, the big foundations, in the very beginning? What was their motivation?
NORMAN DODD: Their motivation? Well, let’s take Mr. Carnegie as an example. He has publicly declared that his steadfast interest was to counteract the departure of the colonies from Great Britain. He was devoted to just putting the pieces back together again.
ED GRIFFIN: Would that have required the collectivism that they were dedicated to?
NORMAN DODD: No, no, no. These policies, the foundations’ allegiance to these un-
American concepts, are all traceable to the transfer of the funds into the hands of trustees, Mr. Griffin. It’s not the men who had a hand in the creation of the
wealth that led to the endowment for what we would call public purposes.
ED GRIFFIN: It’s a subversion of the original intent, then?
NORMAN DODD: Oh, yes, completely, and that’s how it got into the world traditionally of bankers and lawyers.
ED GRIFFIN: How do you see that the purpose and direction of the major foundations has changed over the years to the present? What is it today?
NORMAN DODD: Oh, it’s a hundred percent behind meeting the cost of education such as it is presented through theschools and colleges of the United States
on the subject of our history as proving our original ideas to be no longer practicable. The future belongs to collectivistic concepts, and there’s just no disagreement on that.
ED GRIFFIN: Why do the foundations generously support Communist causes in the
United States?
NORMAN DODD: Well, because to them, Communism represents a means of developing what we call a monopoly, that is, an organization of, say, a large-scale industry into an administrable unit.
ED GRIFFIN: Do they think that they will be the ones to benefit?
NORMAN DODD: They will be the beneficiaries of it, yes.
Hidden Agenda Transcript


Sent in by a Veteran:
President Trump is against the “ Congress Gravy Train! “
That is why so many of the Congress are retiring.  
They hope to freeze their retirement as it stands.
This makes too much sense not to be passed on.
At least we can make our wishes known and hope.
I’m with Trump on this one and always will be. Trump is asking everyone to forward this Email to a minimum of 20 people, and to ask each one of those to do likewise.
In 3 days, most people in the United States will have the message.
This is why the idea should be passed around, regardless of Political Party.
The   Trump Rule’s Congressional Reform Act Of 2018:
1 – No Tenure / No Pension.  A Congressman / Woman, collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they’re out of office.  No more perks go with them.
2 – Congressman / Woman ( past, present & future ) participate in social security.
      All funds in the Congressional Retirement Fund move to the Social Security System immediately.  All future funds flow into the Social Security System, and Congress participates with the American People.  It may not be used for any other purposes.
3 – Congress must purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.
4 – Congress will no longer vote themselves pay increases.
    Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.
5 – Congress loses their current Healthcare System and participates  
    in the same Healthcare System as the American people.  
6 – Congress must equally abide by all the laws, they impose on the American people.
7 – All contracts with past and present Congressman / Woman are void.  
The American people did not make these contracts with Congressmen / Women.  
The Congress made all these contracts for themselves.
Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career.
The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators should serve their terms, then go home and go back to work, and not get all kinds of freebies!
No wonder they’re fighting everything Trump does!
If each person contacts a minimum of 20 people,  
It will only take 3 days for most people  
in the United States to receive this message.  
It’s time for us to take action now!


This article explains why whites need to have more babies…at home.

ADL President Abraham Foxman: speech about destruction of white race and ZioNazi world domination

Per ‘The National Observer’ via a document from Abe Foxman’s [Jew A.D.L. president of USA] office.

Anti-Defamation League President Abraham Foxman in an appearance on August 25, 1998, made the following speech:

August 25, 1998, New York, NY.

ADL (Anti-Defamation League) president Abraham Foxman shows the Masonic sign of aggression "lion's paw"

[ADL (Anti-Defamation League) president Abraham Foxman shows the Masonic sign of aggression “lion’s paw”]

Gentlemen. Welcome to the Second Centennial Meeting of the Learned of Elders of Zion. We have achieved all of the objectives expressed at our first meeting 100 years ago.

We control governments. We have created dissension among our enemies and made them kill each other. We have effectively silenced criticism of our affairs and we are the richest race of men on this earth.

Many of you are very busy men. Let us get to the crux of the matter. As masters of business, politics, law and most importantly … media, we are ready to implement our most important and ambitious program. One that will finally and totally remove from existence the impediments of our absolute control of this earth.

I speak OF THE DEATH OF THE WHITE RACE. The complete removal of all means of reproduction of the so-called Aryan race. Men, we now control the destiny of this race. It is now time to make sure the White race becomes extinct through miscegenation [incest] and having a virtually zero birth rate.

We have all enjoyed the vision repeated all over this world every day of THE LAST WHITE CHILDREN playing with little dark children and knowing that they are being set-up for their eventual destruction.

We can ruin THE ANCIENT PURE BLOODLINE OF AN ARYAN CHILD by convincing him or her of the altruism of begetting interracial children.

We must expose the race mixing of the urban centers to the suburbs and rural areas of this country.

More aggressive programs to integrate these areas are now underway through HUD. It is worth any price to annihilate the next generation of White children. We want every White father to feel the sting of having their children marry colored mates and produce biracial children.

We must use our power to discourage White men and women who still persist in getting together from producing more pure White children. They will be ostracized by not becoming part of the New Society of all races.

This will dissuade most of them. We will deal with the less cooperative goyim [non-jews] by tmurder and imprisonment.

Finally, we will SEE THE END OF THIS WHITE RACE. Impressionable White children will have their minds molded into the agents of their own destruction. Already, our efforts have succeeded in making the “men” of this race grovel at our feet.

Men, you and your ancestors have worked hard to make sure we would have the power to hold the destiny of this race in our hands. Now we have it.

Perish Aryan Goyim (cattle)!” [Applause]

End of speech.

August 25, 1998, New York.


http://www.tayna-net.org/rus/foksman-1998.htm (in Russian)
(Newspaper “Slavyanin” [Славянин], № 5 (25), 2000)

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This was submitted by a retired Veteran some time ago, however, it is worth a read:

Subject: Fwd: Trump is Correct, John McCain is NOT A Hero

     I have to agree with this guy that the terms Hero (and Warrior) are overused.  McCain is not the type Officer I would have enjoyed serving under as a Commander of anything . His public and private images are like day and night .  He also crashed not one,  as reported , but two aircraft in the United States before even going to Vietnam.  

Trump is Correct, John McCain is NOT A Hero

By J. H. Holtz

July 23, 2015


First a bit of an introduction on the meaning of HERO…

The word hero in today’s world is far overused.  “Hero” is so much overused it has diluted the value and real meaning and has cheapened the word for those who actually deserve the term.  For example, we have foot ball heroes, NASCAR heroes, and everyday police, fire fighters, and even our everyday military folks are called heroes for just doing their jobs. I too amongst many millions of others was in the military and I am certainly not a hero for simply serving–I did nothing heroic.

A hero does something truly heroic and above what his job or calling is and many times that may mean to save a life and at great risk to his life or to sit atop a burning tank with a machine gun and kill a couple hundred attacking Germans as Audie Murphy (America’s most decorated hero) did in WWII.  By applying the word hero to sports figures and even cancer survivors (I am one of those too)  we have turned the term hero into an everyday word having little real value anymore–we have diluted the word, its meaning, and its value. We should stop destroying this word, its meaning and its value and return it and the people who earned the title for real to the status it once had.

I am a conservative and a Republican, and I do not like anything about John McCain. He dumped his wife when she was injured in an accident, remarried into serious beer distribution money. His soft  television interview voice belies the way he really is; mean, nasty, hot tempered, vindictive, a progressive, a back stabber (ask Palin) and quick to pretend and project he is a nice guy. Look at how he back stabbed and treated Sarah Palin after HIS engineered massive loss of the presidency–and that loss was all caused by him alone.

To show his real colors towards our Constitution and the Second Amendment I learned he even he appeared on television and print ads in Colorado media advocating more gun control of its citizens during Colorado’s consideration of more gun control during the 2002 election period. Imagine, a Republican, Arizona U.S. senator traveling to another state to attack their Second Amendment Constitutional rights.

McCain all by himself nearly sank a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier…

McCain, when a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy was a Navy pilot (they call themselves aviators). July 29, 1967 while on the deck and in his plane on the carrier U.S.S. Forrestal he managed to screw up procedures (officially denied and covered up by him and the Navy and also even promoted on Wikipedia if you care to look–reason to follow). He did a smart ass punk attention getting trick by doing a “wet start” up of his jet.

When a pilot wants to be a wise ass or show off, this type of engine start creates a large startling flame and lots of surprise noise from the rear of a jet engine on start up–this was no accident. This and the large subsequent electrical surge and apparent (incorrect and against policy) weapon arming (by the pilot) caused the launching of a powerful Zuni rocket across the carrier’s deck hitting other parked planes (photo below) that were packing 1,000 high-explosive pound bombs. The subsequent massive explosions, fire and destruction went several decks below and nearly sunk this major 82,000 ton U.S. aircraft carrier.

Crew members fight a series of fires and explosions on the carrier’s after flight deck, in the Gulf of Tonkin, 29 July 1967. The conflagration took place as heavily-armed and fueled aircraft were being prepared for combat missions over North Vietnam thanks to a Zuni rocket fired into them from John McCain’s aircraft across the deck of the ship. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This stunt and aftermath caused the death of 134 sailors and seriously injured -blew off arms legs, caused blindness and burns- to another 161 sailors and took the ship off the battle line for extensive repairs.

Any other Navy pilot causing this type of death and destruction the Navy would have raped him and he would probably still be in the brig. Why not McCain? Well, first with many powerful connections this “little infraction” was covered up by the Navy (our most politically involved/connected service by the way).

You see, his grandfather was a famous FOUR STAR Navy admiral and his dad, at the time of the incident, was a powerful Navy FOUR STAR admiral and McCain graduated from the Navy Academy. So the old boy Navy tradition cover his ass network went into high gear immediately; and make no mistake, it does exist and it did for him.

So when McCain was shot down and captured allegedly, due to his father’s high rank, the Communists were so impressed that McCain was offered up BY THE COMMUNISTS to be returned to the U.S. to show some type of recognition of his importance as the son of an active duty, very powerful and influential U.S. Navy four star admiral (and he was).

And then the fairy tale continues that McCain himself turned down the early release while still under the care of a communist doctor for his injuries so he could remain with his fellow prisoners for years and be tortured–oh sure!  And remember, any information about his first hand refusal to be released and stay a prisoner comes from him relating it to others.

Let’s say it were true. Then that would mean the hardcore Communist enemy, fighting an active war against the U.S., deferred to his “importance and influence” and that of his dad (according to the story line).

So I ask you…if an enemy thought this much of him and his four star admiral dad, would not our own U.S. Navy, during their “investigation” of the Zuni missile launch from his parked plane while he was in the cockpit starting it up, also NOT do this for him and sweep this little  infraction which could have sunk an aircraft carrier under the rug? You betcha! Of course the Navy covered up the Forrestal disaster for McCain and his family and Navy tradition.       

John S. McCain, Jr. as a four-star admiral (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BUT, think about this. Since when can any POW tell his Communist capturers he does not want to go or do something–and they then obey him and his desires and requests? Anyone who believes that is a moron! It is all bullshit later created to advance a political future for this “heroic” navy pilot and former P.O.W..

But let’s pretend it is true. If it were true, probably the Communists wanted him back on duty so he could blow the hell out of another Navy ship–because they sure did not have the resources to cause this type of damage to our forces themselves.

After the war and the prisoner exchange, McCain was allowed to continue his service and retired from the (old boy network) Navy as a Captain (a rank just short of admiral).

There is so much more on McCain but it would take too much time to cover. The bottom line is: Trump is correct when he says McCain is NOT a hero. Sure Trump is a huge pain in the ass, but it does not mean he does not know what he is talking about either. It is possible McCain did some sort of heroic type effort survival things like living through torture as did so many others during their capture–but he sure as hell is NOT a hero. Being a P.O.W. is not being a hero.

Escaping, and then leading an attack back on his capturers, as Army Special Forces Lt. Colonel (then Lieutenant) James N. (Nick) Rowe did the next day after his escape and helicopter discovery and rescue, all after being held in a tiny cage (and tortured), and having to live in far worse conditions than Hanoi Hilton for five years in the jungle of Viet Nam. Rowe, while racked with near death dysentery and weighing just 125 pounds of his original 180, barely able to walk, did just that–he insisted on boarding a chopper to lead an attack against his former keeper’s camp, deep in enemy territory, before they could move to another location. Now that is pretty damn heroic–and he got nothing for that. In fact, you probably have never heard of him.

John McCain official photo portrait.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And when McCain makes self-serving remarks in a recent blatantly disingenuous effort to curry a connection with today’s younger voters in response to Trump’s mid-July comments by saying…TODAY’S military people are better than his generation…” that remark has him spitting directly in the face of the many hundreds of thousands of those who served, lived, survived, and died in our military during the years 1954 to 1981–McCain’s time on duty, including his four years in the Navy Academy (the official headquarters for the good old boy network and its graduates).

Last, true to his behavior pattern of it’s always the other guy’s fault and he is just a really sweet guy, McCain is working to try to convert and reposition Trump’s public stated opinion of McCain personally to make it look like Trump means what he said is about all former POWs.

Hey, it is just what McCain does and who he really is!

* Now that McCain is gone, it is hard to comprehend why this Swamp Dweller deserves a hero’s anything….

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